I am back!

Ohhh, I shall miss the pitter-patter of my mum’s slippers which was resonating around me for the past 15 days, I became very emotional as I waved her good-bye at the security gate of Heathrow Terminal 5. Why always good time passes so quickly? We moaned together as our cab crawled through the London’s rush hour. 

During her stay, I took her to a 10 days holiday in northen France and southern Germany. It was a mum & daughter road trip, and therefore, Hubbie and Bella stayed at home in London. A total distance of the journey was 2737km (1700 miles) and I managed to drive it without any mishap (thank god)!

As you can imagine, I am still a little knackered but I shall blog about the holiday as soon as I am sufficiently recovered.

See you soon!

Kaori X


But focus on what? I am so distracted.

Since the election, I am still finding it hard to actively engaging my thought on anything at length. It feels like I am in a weird bubble or having a cloud over my head, numbing my senses. 

Bobby, give me a shot of anesthetic on my head, I joked to my dentist. I thought that I left BBC at home but he had a ceiling mounted TV and it was showing BBC 24!

All the chatter and clatter from the Westminster, ugh!  They are just gibberish, aren’t they? How I wish if I could go into hibernation and wake up when everything was sorted for good. Because I have no predilection for watching yet more political cat fights by the usual suspects in the Commons. Have had enough of them already, haven’t we?

Anyway, I was given an all-clear from the dentist and hit the pavement around 10 o’clock, feeling very hungry because I skipped breakfast.

Hmm…, I need something comforting and reassuring…

At Benugo on Great Portland Street, I had a toasted sannie named Londoner. Between the two slices of granary bread I found egg, sausage and bacon. Very very moreish. 

After finishing my breakfast, I felt a little happier. This is it, I thought. It is because the time like this, I mustn’t let negativity which are prevalent recently to mar my life. Instead, I should focus on what are in front of me and appreciate them as they are.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

The result

So, the ballots were casted and counted. What’s next? They have heard our voice, and what they gonna do about it? What are they discussing behind the closed doors?

The silence before all hell breaks loose is deafening, isn’t it? Finger pointing and beginning of a blame game. 

I hope they put the nation’s interest before their party politics. We need to unite for the goodness of the country!

Tear & smile

I was glued to the TV from 7 to 10 pm last night, watching One Love Manchester Concert on BBC. During the three hours, I felt all sorts of emotions, sadness, hope, anger, tenderness and frustration. 

The music was like ripples. Some of the numbers stirred up my feeling which I had been suppressing subconsciously because it was too depressing, and I felt really raw and wounded. Then, there were another songs which uplifted my mood and soothed the pain in my heart. Even though I was more than 43 miles away, I felt united with the audience and the performers at the concert. 

There are many people all over the world who wake up to their undeserved nightmare this morning due to terror attacks. Losing loved ones or recovering from the damages done physically or psychologically, for them, the days lie ahead of them must feel like dark and harrowing. We must never forget about the victims. But we also have to remember that there are people who are left to pick up the pieces and have to live on with a wounded heart. 

Love heals and hate hurts. Let’s not forget.

One Love Manchester, One Love London, One Love Britain & One Love Earth! They are my battle cry against the extremists…

Feeling numb

It happened again. And I’m numbed by overwhelming sadness. Why? What for? Questions without answers. I am at loss.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. We went out for lunch at Mildreds on Lexington Street. There was a street beach party around Carnaby Street. People were queuing up for ice cream. Lots of smiles and giggles. Bella met many dogs and their friendly owners. All passes by were like our new pals. We were carefully and happy then.

However, all the joy disappeared as soon as I read a headline, “Breaking news; a major incident at London Bridge.” I was checking news on my iPhone before I went to sleep as usual, not expecting anything particular.

Life goes on as usual because that’s what I should do.
Yet, I no longer feel so great when I am on public transport or out on street because this creepy idea,”what if” stays always in the back of my mind. Is this going to be my new norm?

I look out of the window and see an overcast sky.
How I wish if I could shake off this sense of foreboding…


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