Is this for real?!

Ok, this knitwear, which I came across at Liberty the other day, has been troubling me for sometimes…

I mean, what can I say, apart from ‘Is this for real?!’

Let me guess from where the designer got his/her inspiration from…

Maybe a dinner lady?

Don’t tell me that the knitwear is an epitome of functionality. This is absurd!

Who pays money for this sort of expensive nonsense?

I garantee you this vest/cape/whatever is dead easy to make by ourselves – if anyone likes knitwear with zero-warmth or a non flattering silhouette.

I don’t mind if kids are making this kind of garments for fun and play. But I do mind if a big name brand like Tomorrowland and a well-respected retailer like Liberty decide to sell something as ridiculous as this with a premium price.

I thought I was going to let this encounter pass but I just couldn’t let it go before blogging about it because it was insulting to all fashion lovers, including consumers and creators.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “Is this for real?!

  1. I agree with you. Sometimes I think Store Fashion Buyers live in an alternative universe or are having a very big and private laugh at the rest of us!

    • I really think that fashion in general suffered and is still suffering from 2008. The trashes, expensive or budget, are all non-skilled products with hugely fabricated hypes. This Liberty thing is one of the best example of how sad the present fashion industry is.😡

      • Perhaps the fashion industry and the so-called arbiter’s of taste like Vogue etc have not realised that Millennials aren’t interested in being told by them what to buy. Even Vogue looks more like it follows Snapchat/Instagram trends than leads them. Biggest beneficiaries appear to be the brands that were quick to target and tie up deals with individual influencers. Don’t know what it means for the rest of us. ☹️

      • I also find most of the industry are only interested in the youth. And the Millennials, they are just not into the fashion the way we used to be. Busted knee jeans, patches on jackets, PVC festival macs, etc with ridiculous designers’ price tags. The state of the present fashion world really breaks my heart. No glamour, no taste and no dream. Maybe they are only reflecting the state of the world we live in now…😩

      • Yes, I agree with you about no glamour or taste. I know they say that runway fashion is copied and appears as cheaper versions on the high street in days, but if you look at what most people are wearing it is all very drab and boring.

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