Le Petit Train de Strasbourg 

People with a less predilection for long walking or who not wanting to spoil their coiffure with bicycle helmets, they should opt for Petit Train Touristique de Strasbourg instead.

A cute white train departs from the north side of Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg and their tour takes approximately 40 minutes.

As we were walking towards the hotel from the car park, we saw the train shimmying through a heaving crowd on the cobbled streets, and we were definitely interested to be their passengers. The best way to get to know the place without being exhausted!

An assembly point…

The ride was €7.00 per head and each seat was catered with multilingual headphones.

Once the carriages were filled up with passengers, the train pulled out and the tour of the city commenced.

A view from our seats…


Oh wow, the city had so many interesting buildings but also gorgeous looking confectionary shops! Patisseries and chocolatiers were everywhere. How I wished if I could hop on & off the carriage so I could buy them all…

The train went through very very narrow streets…

There were a few delays when some tables and people by the roadside had to be moved because it was too tight for the train to pass. All was done in a good nature and very relaxed manner.

Because it was a weekend, all the cafes, bars and eateries were almost brimful…

Another sweet carrousel…

It was lovely to find those decorative rides in quiet squares in Reims and Strasbourg. Why don’t we have the same in London? I wondered.

People were enjoying a cooling breeze by one of numerous rivers ran through the city centre…

The train came back to Place de la Cathédrale from where the tour started…

The train not only saved my mum’s knee from being over-worked but also helped us getting bearings about the city in general which would prove to be very useful when we came back to the city again on our way home to the UK.

By the way, we came across a tour of the city, using Segways and it looked cool…

We would have joined them if mum was 20 years younger!

Now, let’s find some food! Our very first Alsace cuisine which my dad was always raving about…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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