Le Clou á rue de Chaidron

One thing I did extensively prior to our road trip was researching through Google. I delved into not only what places were famous for but also what were available within a short walking distance around our hotels so mum wouldn’t have to strain her back and knee unnecessarily.

‘Shall we try some Alsatian cuisine?’

The time was around 6:30pm and we were very hungry as we didn’t have any snack after the lunch at the service station.

Winstub Le Clou was one of the eateries I found on Google. They were only a few minutes walk from our hotel and had encouraging reviews left by the past diners.

They were found on a quiet side street…

We had no reservation, but a madam with a chic chignon ushered us to one of the tables…

Beer! We wanted nothing but BEER!!

‘Nothing can beat the first mouthful, can’t it? It always tastes the best!’ Mum and I agreed wholeheartedly as we took a swig of a local beer. We were both very pleased about the way our road trip was going so far.

Then, our dinner arrived.

La Choucroute Garnie….

and l’Escalope de veau à la Crème et aux Champignons…

We loved both dishes. As I chewed and tasted their food, I really really wished if Le Clou were my local restaurant! Instead of burgers and pizzas, can I have some Alsatian food in Shoreditch?

I especially loved the choucroute garnie. The meats were tender and the sauerkraut underneath was so flavoursome because it absorbed all the juice and umami from the sausages and meat.

Mum and I then understood why my late dad really like Alsatian food. He was a “meat & potato” kind of guy and loved to eat German-style sausages anytime…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

9 thoughts on “Le Clou á rue de Chaidron

    • Yes, the trip was one of the best we had! I was really sad when it came to end. About this restaurant, their food was great. Sometimes, sauerkraut can be a little too vinegary. But not their choucroute, it was exquiste! Oh, and German beers! We ended up drinking them at every single dinner…(^-^) xx

      • It’s amazing what a few ‘tanning wipes’ will do! Some of it’s real but my legs never go tanned and I tried to keep my face out of the sun too.. not good for the wrinkles! haha xx

      • Which brand did you use? St.Tropez? I have never tried tanning wipes. They sound more suitcase-friendly. I ended up having a significant tan on my arm, especially right arm and shoulder, because I spent a long time on the road. Even though I applied SPF50 all the time, it didn’t work very much😭 My face was in the shade most of the time, so no sign of sunburn. Thank god🙏🏻xx

      • These are just good old ‘cheepies’ from Home Bargains… They’re called SANTA MONICA Self Tanning Wipes. – packet of 25 costs around £2 and I usually use around 2 wipes per leg. They simply never streak though and I’ve tried St Tropez and lots of more expensive makes but I always ending up with ‘patches’. I love the wipes though they’re so quick and easy – they dry within minutes and aren’t sticky etc. Fab Find and I hope they work as well for you! xx

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