Evening saunter at Strasbourg

After our hearty dinner at Le Clou, we decided to have a little stroll around the cathedral. For mum, long summer evening in Europe was a wonder and she wanted to make the best out of it. ‘It is still so bright even though it is already 8 oclock!’ She marvelled as we left the restaurant.

A maze like small streets surrounded the cathedral.

And the steeple of the gigantic cathedral was found, looming over us from most of the street corners…

Mum spotted a gift shop which appeared to be specialised in handmade Christmas ornaments…

Unfortunately, the shop was already closed. The next day was Sunday, which meant the shop would be remained shut until the coming Monday.

‘Shame but don’t worry because we are coming back to the city in seven days time so you can check them out then.’ I reassured mum who was looking into the shop window wistfully.

While the vicinity of the cathedral was dense with buildings, like rows of trees in a forest, keeping the streets between them sometimes in the perpetual shade, a vast open square which surround the cathedral made a dramatic contrast…

The cathedral sat in the middle of the clearing like a giant. We, humans, were like ants in comparison…

Wonderful stoneworks adorned the cathedral. So gothic and so magical…

The building stood in the northwest corner was one of the oldest medieval structures in Strasbourg…

The building must have been seen by John Calvin and Mozart while they resided in the city.

The west side of the square was jam packed with restaurants, cafes and gift shops.

Lots of decorative knick-knacks in the windows seduced the passers-by to take a piece (or pieces) of Strasbourg with them…

On our way back to the hotel, we came across a mini concert given by a man with a cello in front of the cathedral…

What an enchanting city! We were completely smitten by Strasbourg…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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