Pre supper walk in Würzburg

‘Let’s walk to Alte Mainbrücke!’ Mum and I stood up from the bench and started walking westward along Domstraße…

The church at the end of the street was Bischöiches Ordinariat. As we headed to the bridge, we came across a fountain…

The time was nearly 5 o’clock but the sun we felt on our arms was still scorching…

The Alte Mainbrücke – Old Main Bridge is the oldest bridge over the River Main in Würzburg. The bridge connects the old city centre with the opposite Fortress Marienberg.

Fortress Marienberg in the distance…

The bridge was first built around 1120, but it was partly destroyed by the floods in 1342 and 1442.

The bridge was decorated with statues…

The bridge had altogether twelve sand-stone statues.

Around the end of the 1720s, six statues of saints were erected along the south side of the bridge in honour of the late prince-bishop, Christopher Franz von Hutten. Then 10 years later, The north side received another six statues of saints in the style of Baroque, commissioned by Prince Friedrich Carl von Schönborn.

Mum was given a beautifully illustrated map in Japanese at the hotel…

She found it very very useful!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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