Beer garden at Alter Kranen

Beer, ice cold beer, that is what we want! Mum and I strongly agreed while fanning our sweaty faces with folded maps given at the hotel early on. But where? Where can we get our hands on chilled long glasses of German beer? We looked around but only to find a beer garden next to Alte Mainbrücke almost brimful with customers.

I remembered that a receptionist who handled our check-in recommended a beer garden on Mainkai. ‘Shall we try there, mum?’

We walked along Kännergasse because the street was in the shade therefore it was cooler.

Alter Kranen was a German restaurant with a large terrace overlooking Main River. We decided to sit in the terraced area as the breeze travelling over the river was pleasant and cooling.

Even though it was only six o’clock, the place was very busy with people not only drinking but also eating hearty meals…

Mum looked so happy to have her beer!

Prost, mum!

The beer tasted so good after a long sweaty walk. We earned it, didn’t we? We nodded in agreement.

For dinner, we decided to share a platter instead of ordering two main dishes as we were not too hungry.

We opted for Brotzeitbrettle…

Supper time board: cheese cream, Emmemtaler cheese, sausages, farmhouse ham, Camembert cheese, tomatos, pickles and onion rings. The platter was accompanied by a basket of farmhouse bread. They went very well with our beer.

Oh boy, visiting a local beer garden is becoming our new routine! Mum and I both shared a good conspiratorial giggle…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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