Tram ride @ Augsburg

Finally, we were there, at Moritzplatz, to embark on our very first tram journey but we still had a problem.

‘What we gonna do with this carnet business? It just looks like a tape with stripes!’  Unlike the carnet of Paris Metro system, this carnet of nine did not come in separate tickets. I wish if I took a picture of it before giving it to mum as a souvenir so you can see what I mean. It resembled a short piece of tape measure with dotted stripes. And those lines subdivided the tape into nine sections.

Mum and I looked into the train from the platform to find out how those boarding passengers paid their fare. Unfortunately, none of them were paying with the carnet.

Please, please anyone, help us!

I looked around and found a woman in 20s. Oh, wunderbar! ‘Sprechen sie Englisch?’ She replied yes and solved the mystery for us. She showed us how to fold the carnet along the dotted line and to feed each folded part into the slot on the machine on the tram.

We thanked the woman and waited for a tram. How about that building in front of us, mum?’

It was very fetching…

The building looked like patchwork on a boho handbag!

Then, we were on a tram heading towards north…

Unlike my mum, who used a tram in Vienna a few years ago, I hadn’t been on one for many many years. My last ride was at Amsterdam and I was on my way to see the Night Watch by Rembrandt at Rijksmuseum.

Here is another video clip I captured during the tram journey…


I hope you enjoy the streetscape of Augsburg!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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