Sticky night @ Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The distance between Linderhof Palace and our next destination, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, was roughly 50 minutes. We followed B23 up to Oberau and changed to B2 which led us all the way to the famed German ski resort.

Around 14:30, we arrived at our hotel. I parked the car by the hotel and went inside to inform them our arrival.

Sometimes, you have a humch that things are not gonna be right with this person / place. And I had this gut feeling when I saw a man behind the reception. He asked me to fill a guest registration and instructed me where to park our car. His demeanour while dealing with us somehow lacked any warmth or enthusiasm, and it worried me a little. Will the stay at this hotel be pleasant? I wondered.

Our room was on the top floor…

The room looked okay at first glance but we did notice how tired their bathroom was after a more careful inspection. Oh, I hoped we would have a trouble free stay tonight…

Another thing we noticed was a raucous rooster in the field nearby which was bossing around his several misses…

Stop being so bossy and keep your voice down!

After unpacking, we ventured out to explore a small thoroughfare in front of the hotel.

In spite of being it was Saturday afternoon, the place was very quiet…

We needed to buy a tube of toothpaste so walked into a chemist. A pharmacist behind the counter was very nice and ended up giving us a few samples of the different toothpastes for free. Danke!

We saw a chocolatier with amazing selections of chocolates and sweets displayed in their windows…

Unfortunately, the temperature was too warm for buying chocolates, therefore, we had to walk away empty-handed.

Isn’t it a time for us yet to have an early dinner and beer? Mum wanted to know as we walked past a restaurant / hotel with a brimful of guests sitting outside and enjoying their alfresco supper…

Even though it was still 5pm, we were fairly hungry as our lunch that day was a very light one. Therefore, we decided to have an early dinner and to go to bed early…

Our beer!

Mum’s favourite beer at Garmisch-Partenkirchen…

Paulaner-Brau. She ended up drinking 3 glasses of them.

Then, our dinner…

Wienerschnitzel for mum and veal for me. Mine also came with a generous portion of Spätzle. They all tasted great but the servings were far too much for us and we ended up not being able to finish them.

Halfway through the dinner, two young men on bikes arrived at the restaurant. They were clad in a traditional Bavarian costume and appeared to be in a great hurry. They rushed into the restaurant and the music started shortly afterward. The tune sounded like typical Tyrolean tunes and we could hear the sound of clapping and cheers from the inside.

Then, they came out and started to dance for us too!


Didn’t they do well?

I wish if the night ended as well as the dinner and the dance. However, my earlier hunch proved right and a problem developed as soon as we retired to our room. We discovered that we didn’t have any hot water! I alerted the hotel staff as soon as I was out of the shower, and they duly sent us one of their staffs to our room. He fiddled with valves on the wall for a long time, muttered something incomprehensible in German and left us without fixing the tap. I called the reception again and demanded an explanation. This time, an old woman with a very unfriendly tone answered my call and said ‘Sorry but there is nothing we can do!’ She also asked why we needed a hot shower if the outside was 30°C! How dare you! I was outraged. Why should I ask my old mum to have a cold shower?! If the woman on the other end of the line was not so unrepentant, I would have been less annoyed and more sympathetic. However, she was so unapologetic and unpleasant. Mum was also very annoyed about not being able to freshen up with a hot shower. Who wouldn’t like to take a relaxing warm shower before going to bed? She lamented. After slamming the phone down on the unpleasant old bag at the reception, I suggested to mum if she could face a cold shower. ‘No! You must be bloody joking!!’, she refused it categorically.
I am very sorry, mum. I apologise on behalf of that horrible woman. I muttered as she lay on the bed, being not in the best of her moods…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Sticky night @ Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  1. Oh gosh – I’m so sorry but I can’t help but smile at the thought of your mum’s face when she was asked if she wanted a ‘cold shower’!! I love these posts which give a lovely insight into your trip.. Thank you!! x

    • Hi Wendy! Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend and I was very sorry for not replying sooner🙏🏻 Mum was not at all pleased by the suggestion, especially after drinking three large glasses of beer. A plumber came early in the morning and fixed the hot water so she could have a hot shower before we checked out. All was well because it ended well in the end😁xx

      • Thanks Bella – yes I had a lovely weekend and hope you did too! Bless your mum – thank goodness she didn’t have to endure a cold shower in the end.. xx

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