On top of Zugspitze

Mum and I were transported to the summit of the peak by the Gletscherbahn cable car. We shared a journey with a elderly couple with their grand daughter and a cable car attendant. The cab was designed to carry 100 people in one go during the peak skiing season, therefore, we had a plenty of room to move around and admire the breathtaking view.


There were quite a few snow groomers scattered around the piste, waiting for another 6 months to be back in business.


Left over snow from the previous winter was rather dirty. We wondered how spectacular the place would be once everything was covered with snow.

The summit was even more windy than Zugspitze Glacier Plateau!

And the view, it was awesome but also vertigo-inducing too. Just standing by the fence and trying to take pictures, we couldn’t help feeling spine-tingling anxiety.

A brand new cable car route was being constructed from Lake Eibsee.

Men with a hard hat and a full set of harnesses were busy working around the windswept cliffs. They are fearless, aren’t they? Mum and I were really impressed.

This place must be the best location for an ultimate alfresco dining experience!

Hungry birds goggle-boxing the lucky diners with a hot dog.

Mum being funny.

Mum, you would have looked better if you took the sunglasses off though…

We walked around a chain of walkways which connected platforms and viewing terrace.

We spotted more than a few dogs visiting the summit.

You guys are brave, I thought. My Bella would probably very unhappy here as she hates have her furry face ruffled by the wind…

Das Bergschwein!

The mountain pig! What is the meaning of this illustration? Please let me know if you know anything about it.

It was wonderful to view the famous Alps peaks with my beloved mum. I hoped she felt the same way..

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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