How to ride it @ Strasbourg 

‘Now then, how are we gonna buy tickets? And where is a ticketing machine??’, we scratched our heads and looked around. Unless you are a total stranger to the city, the people nowadays don’t buy paper tickets to use public transports, do they? In London, New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc, we tend to buy a pass or use a credit card. And it is all great because paper-free equals mess-free and no queuing at a ticket office means time-efficient.

However, if you are a total stranger to the place, finding the way around is not as easy. ..

Behind my mum, there was a machine with a “Validez ici” sign. It looked like we would need to validate our tickets before boarding the tram. But where can we buy the actual tickets?  We asked a group of university students where we could find a ticketing machine, and they showed us the machine further down the platform.

The fruit of our effort…

After a few attempts, we managed to acquire ourselves the tickets! Now, we are not gonna be mistaken as fare dodgers, we smiled as we waited for our ride.

Look, the tram is approaching!


And departing…​


Enough observation. We are getting on now…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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