Petit Train, ambulance & soldiers…

We arrived back to the city centre from the west bank, using our return tickets. We alighted at Broglie which was a tram stop one stop away from Homme de Fer. From there, we walked down Rue du Dôme and at Rue des Hallebardes, we turned right and followed the street towards our hotel.

Same as the most of the streets around the famous cathedral, rue des Hallebardes was lined with high-end fashion boutiques, chocolatiers and beauty shops. Their show windows were beautifully dressed and the items on display were all very seductive.

How about this backpack for a champagne picnic?…

Very chic, huh? They also had a matching set of canvass chairs too.

Then, we saw the Petit Train which came down the street towards us and stopped…


​A man was strapped on the stretcher, and the medics were standing around the open doors…

They seemed to be in no hurry to take the patient away. Maybe, he has injured himself rather than he is suspected of health scares, such as heart attack or brain hemorrhage, we guessed as we observed the scene.
Then, we saw a group of soldiers coming down the street…

They marched on, stony-faced…

The sight reminded us that we were living in a precarious time. A sense of danger was never far away…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Petit Train, ambulance & soldiers…

  1. I am guessing soldiers and armed-police in all our big cities is something we are going to have to get used to. I have mixed feelings about it and having lived through the IRA bombings of London in the 1980s not sure if high visibility weaponry is the answer.

    • Yes, the sights, police marksmen and soldiers on the streets, are becoming norm now, aren’t they? However, it doesn’t make me feel any safer. And that is the problem. I also remember the IRA business too. Constant security alerts and blocked off accesses, they were inconvenient. About the visible security measure in France, I am not sure how quickly they can respond to the situation if there is a terrorist attack? Apart from being PR, what else soldiers marching around the city centre can achieve? I don’t know. Beside, they can be a target as it happened repeatedly in Paris recently…😣

      • Think you’re right – more of a PR exercise in an attempt to reassure the more nervous and make the governments look strong. At least we are not US with the guns for all tradition.

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