Oh boy

I’m just not in the mood to do blogging right now even though I have an ample time to do so. Do you wanna know why I’m so unmotivated?

Hubbie’s office was broken in last night.

I was absolutely gobsmacked when Hubbie phoned me this morning from a front door of his office. He arrived at the door and saw a substantial damage on it with a huge padlock dangling from it…

This was what the police attached in order to secure the door.

Our neighbours, who lived above our office and reported the commotion to the police last night, saw two motorbikes and four guys speeding away from the street.

The actual damage, apart from the front door, was his five Macs. The thieves yanked them off from the desks and took them away. Luckily, they didn’t take any servers or cameras, therefore, they didn’t clean us out.

If you see this mark on your window or door, clean it right away!

A guy from another office on the same street had paid a visit to us and pointed out that the mark on our window was the same one which was left on his basement window. He claimed that the mark was a sign left by street criminals for members of local burglars so they would know which property to break in. And this particular one indicated which business premises had Macs in their office!

Our landlord came with a team of builders later so they could secure the front door. Their electric drill made a loud noise, and poor Bella was freaking out.

I don’t know when I feel like getting back to chronicling my road trip yet. I would like to but feel a bit too distracted…

You know what I mean…

The criminals made such a mess on my desk, and I am too depressed to sort it out right now… 😦

9 thoughts on “Oh boy

  1. Oh I am so sorry to read this. What bad luck and how shocking for you both. Does sound like they were stealing to order – what a business nightmare too. Hope you get it sorted out promptly. Will warn my daughter too about the ‘sign’ on the window.

    • Hi Agnes. Thank you for your kind word. It really was tough for both of us at first. Something like this really gets under our skin, making us feel very insecure and vulnerable. Nowadays, those crimes happen so often and in everywhere, even the police told us that the case was closed already. They reckon that they would never catch the thieves and the goods they stole would never be recovered. It’s so infuriating that those burglars can get away with it just like that. But the police must have too many cases like ours to handle on top of terrorist threat etc. Paul went to Apple Store this afternoon and bought replacements while I and Bella guarded the office. And the sign, oh god, it really freaked me out when the neighbour came and explained about it. Yes, you must tell your daughter to be vigilant. Those criminals are out there and will pounce on us whenever the opportunity arises!😩

      • Sadly, I am not surprised by the police response. I think their resources are pretty stretched these days. It is awful to have experienced a burglary, but it is weirdly worse, I would find, because of that spooky sign. Perhaps concentrate thoughts on the beautiful aspects of your life like sweetie Bella.

    • Hi. Unfortunately, it happened again yesterday. We knew they must have been waiting for us to replace the Macs so they could steal them again. It didn’t quite happen as they wished. Still, this kind of thing gets under one’s skin and we are feeling weirdly vulnerable right now😢

      • Sorry to hear that. Behaviour like this is despicable. They won’t benefit in the long run as their punishment is in what they are becoming.

  2. Oh boy!!! It’s so horrible to be broken into – we had this ourselves last year and it really felt horrible. Our space invaded and our precious work tools etc. stolen – it’s just horrible. I’ve just read your latest post too and see that it’s happened again – that is really awful Bella and I’m not surprised you don’t feel like blogging about your tour.. I wish you the best and hope that you can find your security once more… Much love and a big hug to you and your hubby.. and Bella too of course!! xx

    • Hi Wendy! Yes, the incidents really made us feel vulnerable and sad. I know we weren’t the only one who are victims of crime, but it happens too often nowadays. The police seems to be handful with more serious crimes like terrorism and youth gang wars, however, burglaries are too lightly treated and who knows it maybe funding much bigger crimes?
      Anyway, we are recovering and I am getting back to blogging very soon😊xxx

      • Aww – bless you and you’re absolutely right. When we were burgled last year, the police wouldn’t even come out – they said it wasn’t worth it! I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better though.. xx

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