Recurring nightmare

It had been precisely two weeks since the thieves broken into Hubbie’s office. And they came back again last night. They tried to take one of our Macs.

But this time, it didn’t go according to their plan…

They were in for a (nasty) surprise. All the Macs were secured to each desk with computer locks, and they remained on the desks. Out of the desperation, they dragged one of the desks to the door but gave up in the end and fled.

Later on, our office neighbours, who lived upstairs and alerted the police, came to see us and recounted how the incident unfolded last night. ‘This time, they rammed the door with their moped!’ Despite the door being fortified with metal plates and additional locks, the thugs bursted it open in less than a minute.

The landlord visited the office in mid-morning, looking vidibly guilt-ridden. ‘We can not come back here until a proper steel door and additional security features such as window grills and more effective alarm system are in place.’ We all agreed.

So we moved all the Macs to my home sweet home again…

Ugh, I am not a sort of girl who lives in pyjama bottoms at home, but living side by side with the actual working office won’t be easy for anyone, will it? No more lying in or walking around the flat in my sports bra and bike shorts after my morning exercise.

Having said that, I do want the office to be properly burglar-proofed with beefed-up security so I can sleep soundly every night.

May be we should have had an Alsatian instead of a Yorkie…

Bella, you are too burglar-friendly…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


7 thoughts on “Recurring nightmare

  1. The absolute, outrageous bare-faced cheek of the b******s coming back AGAIN! I bet you are all fuming. When I lived on the fourth floor of a mansion block in Battersea the previous owner had had a steel door in a steel door frame fitted and our builder said it would be quicker to make a hole in the wall than try to get through the door! Hopefully, the beefed-up security will put them off.

    • Hi Agnes. Yup, they came back again. Paul woke up around 5:30 this morning and realised the police was trying to contact him since 11:30pm last night. He went off to the office half crying, and I followed him as soon as I was ready. In the end, to our huge relief, the f**kers couldn’t take any of our Macs this time. However, they dropped a scanner which was connected to the Mac to the floor and it was broken. The landlord has offered to replace it, rather than we filing yet another claim to the insurance company.
      I was more shaken because of the way they bursted into the office, using their moped. Even though it was a temporary measure, the door was strengthened by brass plates and bolts. Yet, they broke it up and entered the premises like a walk in the park! Steel doors have been ordered already and they will be fitted as soon as they are ready. Until all the measures are taken, we won’t be able to rest our heads on the pillows without thinking and worrying about the office…😭

  2. Thank goodness they didn’t manage to get the MAC’s this time Bella but what a horrible thing to happen.. yes I suspect Bella would lick them to death… xxx

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