Feeling of being overrun

Bitter medicine never comes in small doses, I sighed. To my chagrin, I discovered that our old washer drier had packed up finally Sunday morning with a pool of water on the floor. 

That morning, Bella and I were supposed to be attending Bella’s doggie friend’s first birthday party at Kensington Gardens, and I was rather looking forward to it because of the recent unpleasant incidents. Oh well, I am annoyed but what can I do? Because I seem to have very little control of anything recently. 

Instead of heading towards Chelsea, I trekked to Oxford Circus with Hubbie in tow. And at John Lewis, we ordered an washer drier by Bosch. 

After coming home, I took Bella to Regents Park…

The ground was a full of weekend footballers. 

Because of the remnant of Storm Brian, it was very windy and I had to be extra careful when I threw a frisbee for Bella…

It kept on amazing me that she was very good at anticipating where the frisbee would land. 

Then, she lost it…

Literally, the frisbee disappeared! I combed and combed piles of the fallen leaves but never managed to find the frisbee. How weird, it just vanished into thin air!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “Feeling of being overrun

    • I know! We met a woman with a pug at the park and she said that she had never seen any Yorkie which was more athletic than Bella. I love to see her looking so happy with her frisbee, but having to throw the disk almost constantly for 1 hour and half is pretty exhausting!

      • I tell you, Bella has bottomless energy! If I take her to a park and exercise her until she’s had enough, we will have peace & quiet home for the rest of day. She will not pester Paul and me for attention. She even retires to her bed voluntarily around 9pm like an angel. However, we have to stay home because I have to wait for deliveries, she will be very needy and torment me with her pining and barking…😣

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