Thank you, John Lewis!

It is so nice to be able to do the laundry at home again. The sound of the water in the drum, which was swashed around with a steady rhythm, was a comforting reminder that my life with a laundrette and the pungent smell of unfamiliar washing powder had finally ended.

When my last NEFF packed up precisely a month ago, I expected it to be replaced straight away. Waiting for a week would be the max, I thought. How wrong I was. Despite the fact I bought a new Bosch on the day when the old one had had it, I ended up having to wait for a replacement for 31 days!

It was not entirely John Lewis’s fault, however. The old NEFF was an integrated one and had a stainless steel door in front of it. Naturally, I wanted to keep the same appearance on the new washer dryer, therefore, I ordered an integrated model by Bosch.

After one week’s waiting, the machine arrived at our door, accompanied by two engineers from John Lewis. They pulled out the old unit and tried to install the new one. Then, we discovered a problem. The replacement could not be pushed in all the way because a waste pipe from the kitchen sink got in the way! The old machine did not have a flat back like the new one, therefore, it accommodated the pipe and the front of the unit door ended up being flush with the rest of doors.

Oh noooo! I wept (in my head) while the engineers scratched their heads. ‘Madam, if we attach the existing door to the unit, it will stick out 10 cm from the rest of the unit.’, one of them delivered the bad news.

What should I do? Is there any alternative? Apparently, all washer+dryer models tended to be larger than washer alone units. And I did need a washer dryer. ‘How about a freestanding one?’ The engineers scrolled the screen of their smartphones and showed me the one they thought it would be suitable. ‘ This LG washer dryer is silver and it goes very well with your stainless steel kitchen unit.’

I was very much relieved to find the alternative but there was a catch. The model I wanted was out of stock.

Still, that particular model by LG was the only one which fitted the bill, therefore, I had to wait another three and half weeks until it was installed.

All in all, I was very happy with the way John Lewis handled my order. Especially, their delivery was punctual and installation and instruction were very customer-friendly.

Look, Bella! A newbie in our kitchen!

Bella wasn’t sure what to make of it.

I can’t wait to use it tomorrow!

Hubbie was very happy with the way the washer dryer fitted into the kitchen unit. ‘It looks well!’ Yeah, I’m over the moon.
Now, I have to find a carpenter to make new skirting boards to fit around the washer dryer…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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