Chopper in the park

This afternoon, Bella and I were paying our daily visit to Regents Park and encountered a rather unique sight.

Bella knew something was up…


What is it, Bella?

Then, I realised that an air ambulance was circling above us. Wow, it is flying very low, I thought.

Then, it started to descend…


The helicopter set itself down on the sports field at Cumberland Gate.

While the rotor was still spinning, a crew came out and stood in front of the craft…


I wondered why an air ambulance landed here? Any emergency??

Once the engine was turned off and the rotor had stopped the rotation, a group of the emergency services, who were waiting on the ground, assembled around the helicopter…

All the bystanders, including me, had no idea what was going on. We all found a bit strange that those around the chopper seemed to be not at all in a hurry.

Maybe they are doing some training?

Since London’s threat level regarding terror attacks was still critical, maybe the emergency services, including the air ambulance, were having a coordinated rehearsal.

I wanted to hang around and keep on watching because I didn’t come across a scene like this very often. However, Bella had other idea. ‘Let’s go and chase squirrels!’, she insisted. Oh well, it is maybe too cold to stand around in the windswept park. So we left the park and the chopper behind…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

3 thoughts on “Chopper in the park

  1. Hi Kaori – sorry I’ve not been over for a while and I hope you’re all well. Has everything recovered after your office break in ordeal – I hope hubby’s ok? Well – what an interesting site but I don’t blame Bella for not wanting to stand around in the cold for very long! Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

    • Hi Wendy, we are all well too! Yes, about the helicopter landing, it was rather exciting as I did love those men in action. Normally, the police cordons off the area and we can’t see a thing. However, I had a ringside seat this time. Bella was totally unfazed by the chopper’s noise or downdraft. She was off-lead and standing by me calmly.
      I always enjoy your positive blog entries and we need them all the more because the world around us seems to be very uncertain and a bit too scary and depressing😊xx

      • Bless little Bella – she’s such a cutie! Thanks so much Kaori – I genuinely believe that we can spread our own bit of positivity and focus on the lovely things that happen in our World and who knows … one day it will raise the vibration enough to change the world. We can all play our little part and because we’re really all part of humanity, we can hold hands around the world in a great big hug! Well – we can but dream can’t we xxx

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