Bella & Mulberry Harbour @ Arromanches

On the beach at Arromanches-les-Bains, Normandy, there were gigantic remnants of WWII.

A huge chunk belonged to the once harbour could be reached on foot during the tide was out…

During last September, Hubbie, Bella and I visited Normandy with our friends.

Our two days’ itinerary included a visit to the Normandy American Cemetery & Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer and Arromanches which was famous for the Mulberry Harbour B, aka “Port Winston”.

For anyone who is not familiar with Operation Mulberry, I advise you to watch this documentary…

It explains about this phenomenal military project from the conception to the execution.

We parked the car in a car park, facing Gold Beach, one of the five areas of Normandy coast which was assigned to the British Army to take on D-Day…

– a map by Daily Mail
Today, Arromanches was a quiet seaside town with a museum, souvenirs shops and cozy family-run hotels and B&Bs.

Reminders of the history, serenely resting on the beach…

Can you make out where these parts belong to?

An aerial view over the Mulberry Harbour in action…

– an image by the Imperial War Museum.
The photograph shows the enormity of the project.

My girl Bella enjoyed an unhindered run on the beach…


And inspected the harbour…

She had never been to the seaside in her life, therefore, those limpets must have smelt very weird for her. She was absolutely obsessed with them.

And played with a newly found four-legged friend…


She was running around like a maniac!

If there were such a thing like a Yorkie brigade, she would most definitely volunteer.

I am a commando!!

As we walked towards one of the towering concrete blocks on the beach, she followed us and we came to a pool of the leftover sea water around the foot of the structure. She seemed to be very intrigued by the water and stared at it for a while. Then next moment, she dived into it! It was not particularly a warm day and the water must have been pretty cold. In the water, she looked rather sheepish and I had to drag her out by her harness.

How did she react after the plunge? She became totally jubilant and euphoric! While I hollered ‘Noooo, Beeeeelllaaaa!!’, she rolled on her back, rubbing her wet coat into the sand. On our way back, we came across another puddle and she stopped in front of it. And before I could stop her, she dived into it again. There was a group of French tourists and they were laughing their heads off, ‘Oh la la!’

Bella the Brave is definitely in favour of amphibious landing, I sighed and picked her up in my arms. By then, she was completely soaked and dripping with the smelly stale sea water and she resembled a rat, not a Yorkie…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Bella & Mulberry Harbour @ Arromanches

  1. Reading your post reminded me that UK is so very close to mainland Europe with such a long and varied history with the Continent. We all share a very small planet in reality don’t we? Wish we could all be as energetic and engaging with the new as wee Bella. 😄

    • Indeed, Agnes. I agree with every word in your comment. When we visited the famous cemetery by Omaha Beach and saw countless white crosses, I wondered how we could tell all those soldiers that the world they sacrificed their live for is still not a safe nor happy place today. For their sake, we must try to stop those useless politicians bickering and focus on more serious problems threatening our future, such as global warming, etc.

      • Absolutely agree with you about the bigger problems. It would be nice for politicians to try and think beyond their own generation. For example in the way the 18th century grand estate owners planted trees for the future that they knew they would never see mature themselves. Not really too much to ask of our leaders is it?

      • Yup, all those in charge of the world today are so small minded and petty. I really get frustrated about their incompetence, cowardice and the lack of humanity. The world we know seems to be coming off from its seams and it is very worrying indeed. I sometime want to be Bella, who is always looking for something positive and fun and ignoring anything nasty and disappointing.😩

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