Bellanger @ Islington Green N1

My father-in-law, David, was a Germanophile, therefore, I recommended Bellanger on Islington Green when Hubbie asked where we should take him for lunch. The restaurant was specialised in the Alsatian cuisine and I thought he would enjoy French/German menu.

It must have been the effect of Storm Caroline, the green was a bit breezy…

Hubbie and I frequente this bistro because we like their food but also there is another definite plus point…

Because they are dog-friendly!

Bella earned a big brownie point by being well-behaved while we dined.

Hubbie and David shared Choucroute à l’Alsacienne…

The serving was huge and it even satisfied two very tall men – they were both over 6’4″!

I fancied duck, hence I ordered confit of duck…

I ordered a bowl of mashed potato as a side to go with the duck. However, the tray with the bowl upended by accident while the waiters were serving our plates, and the potato splattered across the floor. Oh dear.

For pudding, Hubbie and I shared blackberry & apple crumble…

We were very very full by the end of the lunch.

Christmas is fast approaching…

For Hubbie’s family, Christmas is a bit tricky time. Hubbie has a brother and they haven’t seen each other in the past two years. It was not that they had a bust-up or anything. But they have never been even close enough to have a quarrel in their life, and as a result, they have drifted apart and had no urge to rekindle a brotherly relationship.

David confessed to me while Hubbie was absent that he wished if they were closer. ‘I think they should meet up for a chat soon.’ I told him that I would pass the message to Hubbie.

And I did tell Hubbie what David confided to me later on. ‘But he never liked me and he doesn’t care.’, Hubbie sighed.

Unfortunately, that is the truth. His brother is a cold man. In the past, he threw cruel personal jokes to Hubbie’s face even I was in front of them – I stood up to him and told him that was not nice while Hubbie tried to make it like it was not a big deal. He made his first wife and their children very unhappy by being totally selfish. And his second wife isn’t treated any better. Why do we want to see someone like that even once a year, especially at Christmas? Even David, his own father, confesses that he is not very happy to spend time with him. Anyway, I have invited David to spend Boxing Day with us so we can have some fun together.

Peace-making must come from both ends if it is to last, I thought as Bella and I visited the park after lunch.

In December, the dusk comes too soon…

Ohhh, I’m so not into Christmas yet…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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