Bella & snow

It is snowing in London!

And my girl Bella had experienced the snow for the first time this morning…

I am jogging my memory but I can’t recall if we had any snowfall in the city during last winter. Even if we had, it probably wasn’t very much. Not as much as to turn the pavements to white.

Bella seemed to be not very sure-footed…


But soon, she found these white flakes falling around her fascinating. ‘Where do they come from? What are they?’ She looked up quizzically as she chased after them.

Let’s warm ourselves up at the Pret…

Hubbie had an almond croissant and I had my recent favourite, a praline cookie, and latte…

I shall take Bella to Regent’s Park if we still have a decent amount of the snow left on the ground tomorrow morning…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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