Thanks, mum!

Bella received a mega cute Christmas card from Japan! Thanks to my darling mum, who went to an extra trouble to find the card, the gesture brightened my otherwise rather depressing day like a 1000w light bulb!

So why was I blue in the first place? Well, it was because the thieves tried to break into Hubbie’s office (again). Even though they were unsuccessful (again) and went empty-handed, they throw a heavy object at the floor-to-ceiling double glazing next to the front door and it shattered the outside pane completely – thankfully, the inner pane held up and denied access to the thieves. They may have done that out of the frustration but it was such an unnecessary vandal. I just felt sad and angry as I walked on the shattered glass pieces which resembled the glitters in a snow dome.

When I thanked mum about the card during one of our twice-weekly Skype sessions, she was very happy to learn that her card cheered me up. She also explained that she couldn’t resist buying the card because it reminded her about Bella very much.

Yup, their eyes and noses bear an uncanny resemblance…

Even though the dog isn’t a Yorkie like you, it definitely looks like you, my lady.

Bella wasn’t sure when I presented her the card…

If it is not a toy nor treat, what is IT?

I placed the card on the window sill with the rest of the Christmas cards and looked out of the window, observing how grim London looked under the featureless dove-grey sky.

Then at least, I have my mum, Hubbie and Bella, who love me and make me happy no matter how disappointing the rest of the world may be. I must be very grateful and this must be the Christmas spirit…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

4 thoughts on “Thanks, mum!

  1. Oh my God, they are a persistent bunch of nasty people aren’t they. They must be very desperate to try again. Bad luck for you. Still as you say you have the beautiful Bella 😍. Hope you have a lovely ‘good doggy’ Christmas. ⭐️ 🎄 ⭐️

    • Thank you for your word of comfort. It means a lot to me. About the attempted break-in, it feels like Groundhog Day the movie. It’s like a recurring nightmare! I hope they have finally realised that they can not get what they want from us. When something like this happens, it becomes very difficult concentrate on anything. I am like physically here but my mind is all over the place. And it is not a nice feeling😓 You have a lovely relaxing Christmas too! You must be very busy with dealing orders for your beautiful scarves😍X

  2. With any luck they have finally given up and you can try and put it all behind you. Hopefully you can find some distractions with Bella to take you out of yourself. Some nice music or a good film or a box set to divert you. Fingers crossed for you for a ‘thief free’ New Year. Big hello woofs (not too scary) and Christmas kisses to Bella!!

    • Yes, I sincerely hope they have given up too. We have done everything we can to fortify the office and now crossing our fingers! Let’s hope 2018 will be a calmer and happier year not only for us but for everyone on this unsettling planet. Have a smashing Christmas, Agnes!😘😘😘

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