Pre-Xmas streetscape @ Columbia Road E2

Twilight during December comes too soon, I thought as Bella and I strolled to Hiro + Wolf on Columbia Road.

Where is the hubbub of the Sunday flower market?…

The quietness of the street on weekdays’ afternoon was worlds apart from the Sunday’s hustle and bustle.

Here we are, arriving at 146 Columbia Road…

And in here, we found Hiro+Wolf.

I discovered the brand when I visited Doggie Xmas market and as a result, I commissioned them to make a lead for Bella. After about two weeks of waiting, they emailed me that the lead was ready for collection.

Hiro the Shibainu exchanges greeting with Bella…

Apparently, the lead we were supposed to pick up was mislaid and nowhere to be seen.

The brand’s designer, Amy, calling her partner, who was out for delivery, if she could find it in her van while Bella was treated with a good scratch around her tummy..

Unfortunately, the lead could not be located and Amy apologised us about wasting our time. ‘We will make another one if you don’t mind waiting for another few days.’, she suggested. ‘No problem. Let me know when it’s ready.’, I replied.

It was a shame that I had to go home empty-handed, but Columbia Street was a lovely place, especially around the Christmas time. Therefore, I didn’t mind coming back.

A Christmas tree on Columbia Road…

The shop windows were glowing like colourful lanterns…

Let’s hurry home, Bella. It’s getting rather cold…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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