Boxing Day stroll

Let’s have a quick sweep before David arrives! I urged Hubbie to pick up a Pledge fluffy duster while I collected scattered Bella’s toys from the floor and threw them into the toy basket.

We were doing a bit of housekeeping because David was coming to stay with us for two days before driving back to Yorkshire.

He arrived around lunchtime and we had a light lunch consisted of quiche and salad. After lunch, we decided to have a little stroll in Regent’s Park.

Bella was soooo happy to be in the park…


She rolled on the muddy grass like crazy. Oh well, it was inevitable since she was kept away from her beloved playground for a long time.

While David and Hubbie engaging in a serious talk, Bella and I played with a ball…

Hey! What are you waiting for? Throw the bl**dy thing!

David was amazed by the way she chased and retrieved the ball…

As always, she did with such a gusto and joy. Bella the Action Girl!

Then, we headed to Smokehouse for tea and cake…

We sat outside and sipped cappuccino and munched on muffins. The wind was a little chilly but it was nice to stretch our legs…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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