Bella & mud bath

Bella had a good run at Regent’s Park this afternoon. Unlike yesterday, it was very mild today and we had loads of fun, meeting other dogs and chasing a ball and each other in the park.

It was because of the recent bad weather, the sports field, where we always visited, was heavily saturated with the water and the ground was like a wet sponge.

The field may look green from the distance…


However, it was more brown than green when I approached it. The weather was too cold to dry the ground thoroughly and also the field was in constant use as football pitches which didn’t help the matter either.

We arrived at the Hub Café but found it was closed until the 2nd January…

Oh well, I’ll have to have a cup of tea at home then, I shrugged my shoulders and we headed towards the Broad Walk, throwing a ball and greeting four-legged friends as we encountered them.

Oh Bay-Bay, you are so DIRTY!

With the exception of her furry chest area which was under the harness, the rest of her body was covered with mud and the bits and pieces from the fallen leaves. Oh dear.

Bella and I, playing tag…


We teased each other, pretending to run away or to run after one another. Eventually, we had enough of running around and left the park for home.

While we were walking along the pavement next to the hedge of the Avenue Gardens, we met Bella’s nemesis, Mr.Squirrel.

Upon sensing Bella’s presence, Mr.Squirrel quickly but calmly took refuge up amongst the tree branches…

Can you see him?

Don’t be so smug, Mister!

Sorry Bella, but Mr.Squirrel is out of your reach and out of your life.

Now, we must hurry because we have a more pressing matter at hand. If you will like it or not, you are going to have a proper hose down as soon as I have a cup of tea at home. I am sorry but you are intolerably dirty.

p.s. Bella was washed, blow-dried and combed after I shared tea and panettone with Hubbie. Now, she is very tired and having a well-deserved kip next to me on the sofa…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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