Hot Tug on Regent’s Canal

Because of the approaching Storm Elena, last Tuesday was rather wet and windy. The weather improved slightly in the afternoon and I decided to take a box, which contained a spent HP inkjet cartridge, to the post office near Islington Town Hall so it could be sent back for recycling. Since it was the first working day of 2018 and the office would be better if we had less of the clutters from the previous year, I thought. Some may think if this sort of things should have been done before shutting the office for a Christmas break. Well, you don’t have any idea how chaotic the post office could be before the biggest annual holidays…

After depositing the box, Bella and I headed back home on foot. We walked through Camden Passage and found most of the shops were still on holiday.

‘Have I ever brought you to the canal, Bay-Bay?’ Regent’s Canal was a stone’s throw from our place, however, for some crazy reason, I never came here with her.

How do you find it, Bella?

Bella seemed to be very much intrigued by the sound of water lapping against the canal boats.

Bella met a couple of dogs near the lock…

One was a whippet and another one was a CavaPoo, and they were very friendly. I was sure they would have enjoyed a jolly fun run together if they were off-lead in the park. Instead, they had to be tight-leashed because the path was rather narrow.

Then, we noticed something unusual floating on the canal. ‘What the hell is that??’

OMG, it was a hot tub! I had seen a similar boat on a TV programme which was featuring the canal life of Amsterdam. Wow, I didn’t know it was available here too.

Nobody on board appeared to be steering the tub and the vessel was floating down the canal eastward…

The speed of the boat was slow and Bella and I overtook it very easily.

I wanted have a better look of the vessel, therefore, I waited for it on a foot bridge at the end of Shepherdess Walk…

According to Hot Tug, a company organising a floating bath tub tour, the 75 minutes experience costs £220. So those passengers / bathers paid £73 approx each then?

A pair of policemen also came across the sight…

‘You lots look like having a good time! Can we join you if we take our clothes off and jump in?’, they bantered.

They all laughed and the boat drifted away further and further…

Hope you guys aren’t gonna catch a cold! The sight was surreal, I must say…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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