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‘London is choking on its excess traffic!’, I silently grumbled as I threw an weary glance towards a row of stationary tail lamps which stretched out as far as my eyes could follow. I was on the upper deck of a No.38 bus, heading down Shaftesbury Avenue.

The midday traffic was excruciatingly slow…

Like everyone else, I hated being stuck in the traffic. But this temporary imprisonment gave me ample time to stick my nose into a daily feed from The New York Times which I took out the subscription recently.

Before the paper decided to stop free downloading of its contents, I was their avid reader. I used to love the quality of their articles even though the topics were more focused on news and issues about New York City and the American politics.

My habit of reading the paper carried on even during I visited my mum in Japan. Then, her place didn’t have WiFi and I had to visit a local Starbucks everyday and downloaded a precious copy so I could read it at home.

I was very disappointed when the paper announced that they would start charging for their daily download from the spring of 2011. Of course, no one stopped me from becoming a paid reader, but I thought at the time that paying £10 per a month for a foreign newspaper was a bit silly.

Now, I have a renewed interest in the American politics, thanks to that Emperor Small Hands. ‘What has he done now?’, gleefully checking the app while still being buried under a warm duvet has become my favourite morning ritual.

Oh dear, that man-baby wants a “very huge” military parade this time?, Hubbie and I looked at each other and shook our heads when we learnt his latest antics from Channel 4 news this evening. Well, I can hardly wait to read about it in detail tomorrow morning…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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