Bye Bye Fashion INDUSTRY

As everyone knows by now, eventually, yes, EVENTUALLY, that insufferable Anna Wintour is leaving US Vogue. I never liked US Vogue under her editorship because she was too commercial and too anti-creative. She has helped the fashion industry to be more elitist, more exclusive and more conservative.

All the comments in the blog Celebitchy are 100% in sync with mine.

Bye bye, Anna! Happy retirement!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

5 thoughts on “Bye Bye Fashion INDUSTRY

  1. I agree with your comment. She has always struck me as too, too uptight to be in charge of a publication concerned with what is essentially a creative industry. I remember watching a TV programme where she was squashing all Grace Coddington’s interesting ideas for a photoshoot. Plus, please don’t sob for daughter of Editor of the Evening Standard having her fashion career ‘picked’ for her by her father 🙄

    • Indeed! She made the fashion so boring. Like Bill Cunningham commented in his documentary (he didn’t criticise Anna), the modern fashion is “cookie cutter”, all the same and mundane. I also hated the way she latched on to meaningless celebs like the Kardashians when it suited her and made the readers suffer with her “commercial decisions”. I have lost interest in the modern fashion more or less nowadays. But the news of her leaving US Vogue is a very welcoming one😬

      • Yes, the Kardashians, if ever that was the magazine following rather than leading. Still, as somebody commented on the link you posted, who does read fashion mags these days. I find it hard to believe, but my grandmother during the 1950s actually had a subscription to Vogue (UK). How times have changed!

      • I think the fashion industry has become too big and too influential. The people who run it have the heart in a very wrong place. The mainstream publications like Vogue tries hard to stay relevant in this fast broadband dominated world but they are pathetically failing. I don’t know who is gonna be her replacement but I don’t bank on anyone to change this wasteful state of the fashion industry…😞

      • Agreed – I think true change hardly ever comes top down, but bottom up especially in creative fields. And, splashing the odd page with a few contrived ‘street fashion’ shots isn’t going to do it!

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