Grandma’s girl

After finishing packing, my mum, Hubbie, Bella and I went to a local pub, the Eagle, for an early supper and drink.

On their flat-screen TV, the FA Cup final between Chelsea and Man U was on and we all watched it while munching on cold meat and bread.

Bella loves her grandma!

Bella was so comfortable in her arms. She nodded off in the end.

Oh Bay-Bay, you will have to be without me and your grandma for next 17 days. Hope you won’t miss us too much…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


Like everyone else, I was glued to a live broadcast of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding this morning. Mum and I had a load of packing to do for our impending road trip, therefore, we kept on glancing at the tv screen while stuffing our cases.

Oh my god, she has lost weight! She had always been very trim but now she looked decidedly underweight. I could imagine all the unpleasantness and heartache caused by her evil half sister and her thoughtless father in the run-up to the wedding must have had stressed her out badly. Oh Meghan, please eat tons of your amazing lemon & elderflower cake and plump yourself up again!

Congratulations! Wish you two all the happiness 🙂

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Too late?

May be it is a bit too late to brush up my French? Mum and I are to sail to Caen in two days and I have just restarted my French lesson!!!

Oh well, I truly hope that we won’t encounter any challenging situations during our road trip…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

How things used to be

This lunchtime, I took Bella for a walk around Hoxton and Shoreditch before heading off to Heathrow to pick up my mum.

Let’s grab a quick bite at Friends of Ours on Pitfield Street…

On their menu, there was lemon Ricotta hotcake which would come with caramelised banana, raw cacao brittle, passion fruit purée and creme fraiche. Ohhhh, lemon! It sounds a bit like Harry & Meghan’s wedding cake, I wavered momentarily.

No, eat properly!

I opted for mushrooms on toast instead. The dish was very wholesome – consisted of oyster & portobello mushrooms, baby kale, chickpea hummus, Jerusalem artichoke on top of a slice of organic sourdough bread.

Is there anything for me?

Sorry, Bay-Bay. I have nothing to offer other than a bowl of water.

Next to the eatery was a pub, the George & Vulture, and it was very busy with lunchtime crowds who seemed to be impatient for the weekend. Who can blame them? It’s Friday!

After lunch, Bella and I strolled towards Shoreditch High Street. As we walked down Rivington Street, I reminisced about the time when there were decent fashion boutiques around Hoxton Square. There were two prominent shops such as Hoxton Boutique and Start and I used to look forward to checking what they had on their rails. Where have they all gone? I felt sad as we walked past the spots where they used to be.

On our way back, we found another new development on Bevenden Street…

I hope this is nothing to do with the Kardashians!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Sounds delicious!

So Harry and Meghan’s wedding cake won’t be a traditional fruitcake but a layered lemon and elderflower cake? Oh wow, the cake sounds heavenly! I hope the baker will share her recipe someday soon so we can imagine how it is like to be a guest of the royal wedding…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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