Pinch me!

I need someone to pinch my cheek so I feel more awake. Despite the world around me is buzzing, I feel rather tired and sleepy. Oh how I wish if I were on a hammock by a poolside of a villa in the French Riviera right now instead of in a chair of my hairdresser!

Probably, I have been loading my tray too much recently, I thought. My mum is due to arrive tomorrow afternoon and it involved lots of preparation. I was working hard to organise a road trip with her to the south of France and also tidying and scrubbing here and there so my place would look more presentable to her. The moment is almost upon me and I can hardly wait to see her big smile at the arrival of the Heathrow.

The big day for Harry and Meghan is almost here too…

I feel very sorry for the bride-to-be though. What a mess she has to put up with before her special day! Some people really can’t a bigger person, can they? I personally think she should walk by herself. She is a one fine grown-up individual and she doesn’t need anyone to usher her. A bride walking the aisle alone may look odd to some traditionalists but it is the 21st century and I am absolutely fine with it!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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