Trust Google!

Ugh, we’ve missed the turn! Despite Google navigation was telling me to turn right, I momentarily hesitated because the street appeared very narrow and no car in front of us was turning in. Google, are you sure?! As I panicked, I ended up overshooting the junction.

The same as Toulouse’s city centre, Avignon’s infrastructure seemed to be undergoing an extensive makeover and the city’s tram system, which ran along the part of old city wall, was dug up and road traffic along the construction was reduced to single lanes.

‘We must U-turn QUICKLY!’

I turned to Avenue Saint-Ruf, performed three-point-turn at one of the side streets and joined the traffic which was heading north.

The works on the team track appeared to be causing a big headache to the locals. The traffic was at a snail pace and the drivers seemed fed up and tetchy.

‘Yeah, Google was right! That small gate over there you see was the one we had to enter.’ Thanks to the gridlock, I could observe the traffic with more time and this time, I spotted a few cars driving through the gateway.

We managed to park the car in the car park near our hotel…

A very well maintained underground car park.

I mustn’t forget where our car is…

Our hotel was situated along a side quiet street…

At the hotel, we were greeted by a furry receptionist…

Our room was on the second floor, and alas, they had no lift…

The room was cozy and cool.

A view from our window…

Now, let’s go out and enjoy late afternoon in Avignon…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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