Carnival of Resistance!

Yes, that man was here and we made lots of noise to make him and his hosts very very uncomfortable! On our D-Day, which was Friday the 13th (very appropriate), we headed to a rallying point, Portland Place by tube. As we alighted at Oxford Circus, we could see most of the passengers were heading to the same direction…

Outside the tube station, Oxford Circus was already free from cars and buses and the protesters and onlookers were milling around.

Let’s go to the rallying point, we started to walk towards the BBC building.

As we got closer to the top of Regent Street, it became difficult to walk freely because of the sheer numbers of the protesters.

We turned back to see what was going on behind us and found the waves of people following us.

As a result, traffic-jam and standing around in the sun was inevitable.

However, we were entertained by very creative placards and apparels…

How we wished if we brought some witty placards! When I was given a tiny accidental knock by a placard holder, who was standing next to me and she apologised, I confessed to her how I should have made an effort and made a placard like hers. She smiled and said, ‘But you are here. That’s more important!’

At the junction of Regent Street and Cavendish Place, the police was shepherding the crowds towards Cavendish Place, explaining we had to be directed to Chandos Street in order to join the back of the march at Portland Place.

A row of police motorcycles…

A foreign correspondent reporting the march…

All of us waited patiently on Chandos Street while the sun was beating down…

Then, we turned into Portland Place but the pace of the march was agonisingly slow.

It was hot and uncomfortable but no one complained.

After standing around an hour, the crowds were allowed to march eventually.

Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way was blaring out from a loudspeaker and we sang along with it.


Office workers were cheering and waving from the balconies…

Yes, I am ok with USA as long as it is not Trump and Trumpsters’ USA…

Make some noise!


In the middle of the street, a guy was handing out pieces of plastic tape which sported the words “FUCK OFF”. We had never worn the four-letter word so blatantly in public until then but we considered the occasion was very appropriate.

Press helicopters were circling above us as we walked down Regent Street…

A gigantic banner with orange letters was carried by the volunteers. We wanted to see the banner in its entirety but the march was moving so we gave up.

We encountered a Trump baby in a cage around Oxford Circus. I imagined they must have had a load of giggles while they were making this placard. Well done.

And another entertainment we saw around Liberty was three people dressing up as David Cameron, Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher.


Oh dear, you wear terribly messed up knickers, Mrs.Strong & Stable…

And we carried on marching down the street towards Piccadilly Circus…


A group of trumpeters were making noise against Trump!


We arrived at Haymarket…

The walk was rather arduous. Until then, we never thought walking slowly would be this tiring. However, we were very much encouraged and energised by well thought out placards by our fellow protesters.

The march ended at Trafalgar Square and it took us a little over two hours.

We thought the march would continue to Parliament Square and lots of people thought so too. However, a direction towards Whitehall was blocked by the police so we ended up milling around the Nelson’s Column aimlessly for a while…

There was another protest march earlier and it was organised by Drag Protest Parade for the Trump UK Visit. And a group of the drag queens were having a well-deserved rest in the shade.

And so were some of us…

My weary feet.

An assembly had started in Trafalgar Square and we tried to move to the east side of the square. However, there were so many people in our way…

Eventually, we managed to find some standing space…

I passed my iPhone to a man standing in front of me to take a picture of the square below.

Impressive turnout, don’t you agree?

Then, the man left and I could move closer to the edge of the terrace in front of the National Gallery.

Look, the most hated man in the middle of the protesters!

How we wished if Trump resigned like that twit, Boris Johnson!

Due to my stomachache, I wasn’t feeling the best but I was really happy to be amongst the likeminded people.

Around 6pm, we decided to leave the square and headed home. The crowd was still at the assembly but we were too tired to hang around.

Did you hear how that idiot Liam Fox commented about us? We should be embarrassed about our protest? He and his colleagues should be embarrassed about kissing Trump’s saggy fat ass!

We shall never surrender!, I was more determined than ever as I dragged my knackered feet one after another.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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