How are you?

I’m writing this post as I watch Nigella in the tv screen, stirring some devilishly tempting ingredients in a bowl with her wooden spoon. The Christmas of 2018 is fast approaching and I am reflecting, with a cup of tea by my side, about how this year has been for me.

It is very true that I haven’t been blogging as much as I should have been and the sense of guilt has been in the back of my mind all the time. Believe me, I missed blogging even though I was the one who was putting it off.

Blogging does give me a pleasure. I can’t explain it very well but I find it satisfying and comforting about recording what in my mind and the events which somehow become noteworthy for me there and then. By making myself absent from this activity, I have been making myself half the person.

Before resuming blogging with reignited enthusiasm, I would like to explain why my fingers have been idle over a keyboard.

Some of you may know that I play ice hockey as a hobby. Even though I am not that good at it but I am crazy about the sport. More than a few times, I walked away from the sport because I felt I was not good enough or I was too old. However, every single time, I ended up coming back to the rink with a stick and skates, begging to be on the ice. Basically, I have been addicted to an adrenaline rush which is only available through ice hockey and I want to keep on enjoying it as long as possible.

As you can see, my love for the sport is undying, but nevertheless my body is not immortal. I cannot ignore the fact that I am a middle-aged woman, not a teenager.

Around the beginning of this year, the feeling of urgency started to bug me. Even though I was never been out of shape, I knew my fitness wasn’t up to scratch for a proper hard game of hockey. I must to work on it really really seriously, I thought.

Then, here I am, after almost one year of slogging away, feeling absolutely amazing and invincible! My hips no longer hurt. I can skate faster. My limbs are so supple, etc… A total transformation. It feels like my love of hockey has given me another lease of life!

However, the flip side of my be-hockey-fit regime is very time-consuming. Beside it, I have been more involved with Hubbie’s business organisation from the end of 2017, and also, I have a very demanding Bella to entertain.

Enough explanations / excuses! I am going to amend my way from this Christmas and to make blogging a part of my daily life again. The entry may be brief sometimes but I will do my best to blog what I consider worth recording.

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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