Mornin’!! Guess where I am?

I’m in Nagano, Japan! I arrived at my mum’s place 15 days ago and I have been keeping her company ever since.

Some of you may know that she had a knee replacement surgery in March and she is still recovering from it. The operation went very well and her knee is getting stronger day by day. However, discomforts, such as swelling and fatigue which are typical of post-surgery, are still there and she becomes anxious about it time to time.

‘Don’t worry, mum. What you are experiencing now is nothing unique after the surgeries like yours.’, I comfort her. I am an expert when it comes to recovering from an orthopaedics surgery because I broke my own elbow and hand in pretty messy manners on separate occasions in the past and went through laborious recovery processes.

Twice a day, mum performs a set of exercises, which was prescribed by her physiotherapist when she was discharged from the hospital. The exercises involve stretching and flexing the operated knee, using a Dyna Band and a physio ball. ‘The knee still doesn’t move like before.’, she laments as she demonstrates the routine. ‘I feel sorry for you but you mustn’t be discouraged, mum.’, I try to console her. I know how frustrating the healing process is because I went through it myself.

Now, I shall present a few Japanese sceneries I captured during my journey.

Hello, Japan! I’m home…

After picking up a mobile Wifi, I headed to Tokyo Station with my suitcase in tow via an airport monorail and JR Yamanote-line…

Looking over the station square at Shinbashi from the train…

Quintessential sceneries of Japanese bullet trains…

I realise that I am truly in Japan every time I see those futuristic trains coming and going…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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