Restaurant Angelina, Cassis

For lunch at Cassis, mom decided to treat me at Angelina which was on Avenue Victor Hugo. The restaurant was well known in the town, especially for their bouillabaisse – a traditional Provençal fish stew.

We were ushered to a terraced dining area in the back of the restaurant.

It must have been to do with the timing of our visit – during an ordinary weekday’s afternoon, there weren’t many diners, only two couples apart from us two.

A waiting staff brought us a plate of crispy breads and a jar of olive paste.

It was a hot day and mom enjoyed a glass of chilled beer and I had a glass of Evian – someone had to drive, you see?

As a starter, we shared their famed bouillabaisse.

Well, the stew did differ from our expectation. We expected it to be one of those typical bouillabaisse which would arrive laden with shellfish and fish meat in tomato based broth. However the one ladled into our bowls was all brown and very thick liquid. ‘Bon appétit!’, mom and I both looked at each other as soon as the smiley waiter left our table. ‘Is this the bouillabaisse?!’ I dipped a spoon and tasted the liquid. Mmmm, the stew was very rich and flavoursome. Mom tasted a mouthful too and agreed enthusiastically, ‘Oh dear, it is very intense, isn’t it?’

After the stew, we had tempra of sardines with red pepper purée…

Risotto of scallops…

And pan-fried swordfish…

It was a feast!

After lunch, we did some gift shopping at one of town’s confectionaries and headed back to a car park.

Now, we must hurry because we have another place of interest on our itinerary!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Cassis Calanques Cruise

Oh my god, more than a year has passed since I visited Cassis with mom! I really must continue with our chronicle or otherwise all the details will fade from my memory…

Since I came back from Japan, I plunged into my No.1 passion, hockey!

I miss my mom but I am also relieved to be back into my normality in London. 😊🏒💕

Now then, I shall jog my memory and report about our mini cruise around Cassis’s spectacular inlets.

During the peak season, cruise ships left every fifteen minutes and the tickets were bought from the ticketing office by the harbour…

There were three kinds of cruising – 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes, depending on how many inlets the ships would visit.

We opted for the 45 minutes one.

The weather was perfect for cruising!

Despite being weekday, the harbour was busy with tourists who were also eager to visit the famous Calanques.

We managed to find seats on the upper deck.

By the way, he wasn’t a captain…

We waited about 20 minutes until all the seats were fully taken. And then, the ship started the engine and we moved out of the harbour…

The sea breeze we enjoyed while we waited under the bright sunlight in the harbour turned more like gust as soon as we were into the open sea and I was very glad that I didn’t forget to bring a jacket.

I must say we were very lucky to visit the Cassis that day because the weather went down hill from the next day.

During the 45 minutes’ cruising, we visited three inlets.

The blueness of the water was breathtaking. Where the depth of the water was deep, it was beautiful sapphire blue and it turned to shimmering turquoise blue where it was shallower…

Who wouldn’t love to spend a day on a boat, doing nothing other than picnic and chilling out?

Eventually, our time was up and the ship headed back to the harbour.

Now, we will have some nice lunch! Mom and I alighted the ship and started to walk towards the town centre…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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