Je reste à la maison…

Yes, I’m home and feeling not great.

A stomach-ache has been bothering me since yesterday evening and I am still feeling rather ill.

It must have been something to do with packed salad or vegetarian sausage rolls which I bought from my local Sainsbury’s yesterday lunchtime. Damn…

As I curled up like a hedgehog and rested my head on a table, Hubbie asked how bad the ache was. ‘Are you ok?’ I had no nausea but the stomach was tense and painful.

Today, I am at home with Bella, who is not very happy about being under house arrest.

Sorry Bay-Bay!

Water under the bridge…

So the election came and went. The result was not what I hoped for but hey, it’s life, isn’t it? The only thing I am trying now is letting go of the bitterness and getting on with my life. The same as everyone else, I have had enough of the Westminster and the Brexit during the past three years. I just need detoxing!

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