Stroll around Sisteron

Our impression of the town was “quiet”. We saw not many people on the streets, locals or visitors, even though it was the beginning of tourist season. We scratched our heads as we wandered around the town centre.

It was an early Friday afternoon and the weather was fine as you can see on the photo. However, there was hardly any pedestrian in the town! What is going on?

A better view of the amazing ridge was available from the citadel but mum didn’t want to tax her left knee so we decided to walk to a viewing point near the river.

We walked through a short tunnel and came out to the riverside…

Until we visited Sisteron, we never saw anything like it so we were very much impressed by the sight. ‘Isn’t it amazing?’, mum gazed up towards the summit as I read the information board by the handrail.

After admiring the ridge, we walked back towards our hotel, hoping to find a supermarket…

Hmm…, where is everyone and where is a supermarket? Apart from a couple of souvenir shops, there was no shop or cafe opened in our sight.

At one of the souvenir shops, mum came across the exact tea towels, which she bought in Avignon, being sold much cheaper, and she was rightfully disappointed. ‘Oh dear, I seemed to have paid a premium price!’, she huffed irritably.

We tried another part of the town, hoping if there was any grocery shop…

But no, there was no such luck…

A bakery was firmly shut! No croissant or cake was available.

After escorted mum to the hotel, I went out to scout for a grocery shop…

Eventually, I found one shop which sold basic stuffs like milk and bread. The place didn’t look great and the shop mistress was rather grumpy but I was happy to replenish our supplies.

A thunderous rain came down in the early evening after I came back from a shopping expedition.

The sky went dark all the sudden and the rain came down with such ferocity, we were pretty shocked. ‘Aren’t we lucky, mum?’, we nodded in agreement. I said so because during the time we visited France, the weather was pretty awful. With some luck, we had been dodging all the bad spells.

Let’s have our fingers crossed! We nodded and munched on pains au chocolat I brought back from the shop…

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