So annoying!

Recently, I am fantasising about throwing a rotten egg at that idiot, Boris Johnson, as he goes about on his bicycle…

Take this, you, self serving tw*t!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

They’ve done it!!

Ahhhh, well done, England!! Hubbie and I were truly euphoric when the final whistle was blown and England was through to the semi-final.

We watched the game at our local pub, the Eagle.

A brief period of calmness before our tension and excitement rose in a crescendo…


Then, came the second goal…


The place simply erupted!

We were going to leave Bella at home but she insisted to accompany us by sitting between the front door and us.

Well, you didn’t know what you were letting yourself into, did you?

She was a bit scared by all the shouting and clapping.

Ahhhh, they did it! They are through to the semi-final!!


It was utterly exhausting to watch the game but it was all worth it in the end.

I can hardly wait for the Wednesday’s game!!!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Pinch me!

I need someone to pinch my cheek so I feel more awake. Despite the world around me is buzzing, I feel rather tired and sleepy. Oh how I wish if I were on a hammock by a poolside of a villa in the French Riviera right now instead of in a chair of my hairdresser!

Probably, I have been loading my tray too much recently, I thought. My mum is due to arrive tomorrow afternoon and it involved lots of preparation. I was working hard to organise a road trip with her to the south of France and also tidying and scrubbing here and there so my place would look more presentable to her. The moment is almost upon me and I can hardly wait to see her big smile at the arrival of the Heathrow.

The big day for Harry and Meghan is almost here too…

I feel very sorry for the bride-to-be though. What a mess she has to put up with before her special day! Some people really can’t a bigger person, can they? I personally think she should walk by herself. She is a one fine grown-up individual and she doesn’t need anyone to usher her. A bride walking the aisle alone may look odd to some traditionalists but it is the 21st century and I am absolutely fine with it!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

I hate you!

London plunges back to the winter again the weather-wise. It is so annoyingly typical of the British climate that it allows we all to dip our pale toes, which had been hidden away in woolly socks all winter, into the warmth of the sun and then, all of the sudden it hauls us back into the days of cold wind and rain! How can you do it to us! It’s like snatching a lolly away from the hand of a tender child!! Ugh!!!

I am very sorry, Bay-Bay. I gave you a summer haircut too soon.

I hope she won’t catch a chill…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Big freeze

Apparently, it was the coldest first day of March on record. Even though the snow caused huge havoc on road and rail, Bella and I enjoyed it a lot.

‘I love the snow as long as it is fresh!’


She romped around in the snow, chasing an invisible something larking under the white surface.

Snow ball fight commences!


She couldn’t have enough of it. She loved every minute we spent on a wood deck behind Hubbie’s office. I kicked up some snow with my Timberland boots and she chased the bits and pieces thrown into her furry face.

Thanks to Beast from the East, my girl Bella, who was still halfway out of her puppydom, could experience and have fun with the snow. I was very happy for her.

Who knows when we gonna have another snowfall? A five years wait? Perhaps?

My favourite lunch haunt, Alpino, had a very handsome snowman by the entrance…

For some people, this freakish weather condition must have been nuisance or even menace. However, experiencing a proper winter in London was a very rare thing and I was very happy to able to enjoy it with Bella…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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