Hey, I’m still here!

What can I say? I neglected my blog again and I am not proud of it. However, the time has been hard, physically and mentally. And it still is tough.

During time like this, I tend to go on automatic pilot. I stick to routines and avoid thinking about anything too deeply.

When will I be free? When will the world be free? The question I ask everyday.

Still, life goes on, doesn’t it? I have to be alive here and now. And restarting my blog may help me…

It’s not good bye!!

Finally, Britain is no longer a member of the European Union, and I am very very disappointed about it. The nightmare eventually has become the reality and I will have to live with it no matter how bitter I feel. Mom comforts me by saying ‘Look only forward and move on. That’s all you can do now.’ Yeah, she is right. I just have to plod on…

However, I never stop loving the Europeans! I am forever a part of EU whatever happens!!

Water under the bridge…

So the election came and went. The result was not what I hoped for but hey, it’s life, isn’t it? The only thing I am trying now is letting go of the bitterness and getting on with my life. The same as everyone else, I have had enough of the Westminster and the Brexit during the past three years. I just need detoxing!

Change of plan

I’ve decided to write about my “mother & daughter road trip” more intermittently.

Even though I do enjoy remembering about my precious time with my mother and writing it up really help to recall it in detail, sticking to it exclusively also has some cons, such as lacking spontaneity and making it more like a school essay. One should enjoy writing without any inhibition, right?

The entries may be short and the subjects may be trivial. Still, I should record them if I think they are worthy. At the end of the day, it’s my blog and I should do what I like with it!

You will see more of Bella as well…

Bella and I are at home since last Wednesday. I’ve been struck off with this horrible cold (lots of snot and chest clearly coughs) and she ends up being under house arrest because of me.

I miss a quiet meal time and a decent night sleep…

Kaori Creative Knitwear

Antibes & Parking

Our next destination was a town called Antibes.

We left Aix-en-Provence after breakfast and took A8. The sky was a little overcast but we were grateful because it was not raining.

As I mentioned before, the general weather in France during our holiday last year was volatile to say the least. In Northern France especially, they had lots of flooding and also sudden hails brought about lots of damage to the vineyards in Southern France. During our last night at Aix-en-Provence, we heard through an open window, the rain drops hitting the leaves of the lime trees lining the street while watching an evening news. ‘Oh god! Look mom!!’ The scene on TV was extraordinary – the flash flooding causing havoc to Paris metro! The murky water was gushing into the entrance of the station and some of the unfortunate passengers who caught up in the event were taking off their shoes and trudging up the stairs. Mom and I both agreed that we were very lucky regarding the weather so far.

As we got nearer to Saint-Tropez, the passing vegetation changed to palm trees…

We came off A8 at Les Moulins and followed D35 towards Antibes. At one of the roundabouts along the route, we saw a rotunda-like apartment building…

It’s so 60’s like, don’t you agree? A very groovy looking building. I liked it very much.

Locating the entrance to a public car park was a little troublesome. We ended up driving around aimlessly along maze-like streets…

Eventually, we managed to untangle ourselves from the labyrinth and found the approach to the underground car park.

The car was parked at a bay number, 2082!

Mom and I were very happy to be out of the maze…

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