Lovely Baladine

After enjoying a bit of retail therapy at Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, we continued on Rue des Trois Faucons in s eastward direction. ‘We should hop on a Baladine if one comes along.’ I looked back towards Place des Corps Saints. The sun started to beat down brightly and I was worried if the walk was straining mum’s hip before our visit to Palais des Papes.

Baladine on the move…


Baladine was an electric-powered mini bus which went along a designated route every 15 minutes.

A green line with “BAL” was the route of Baladine. The bus would stop at any point as long as the destinations of the passengers were near the wriggly loop.

The size of the mini bus was small – 4 adults plus 2 children if they were toddlers.

Cars, except the ones with permit, were banned from the city centre in Avignon. While we were watching Baradine in action, we witnessed the drivers touching in & out of the streets which were equipped with automatic bollards. As the pass card was pressed to the reader on the column, the bollard lowered itself to the ground level so the bus could entered the street.

Come and enjoy the ride with us!


Isn’t Baladine lovely? For this, it costs only 0.60€. What a bargain!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Hôtel Cathédrale à Strasbourg

After another 3.5 hour drive on A4, we finally made it to Strasbourg, a city famed for its beautiful cathedral and Christmas markets. ‘Oh my god! So many people!!’ We found the city absolutely packed with tourists and locals because it was Saturday. Reluctantly, we joined a lengthy queue leading up to the entrance of an underground car park located beneath Place Gutenberg.

‘Look mum! What a pretty place Strasbourg is!’ There was a beautiful carousel in the middle of the square, and all four corners of the square were lined with pretty shops, cafes and restaurants. We could also see some bakeries, ice cream stands and street markets around where the crowd were forming. We could hardly wait park our car and explore the city!

Eventually, we emerged from the underground like two little moles laden with bags. ‘So which way are we going now?’ Our hotel was supposed to be right in front of the cathedral. However, the square was in the middle of a very built-up area and I could not see anything over the roofs of the building around us. The last thing I wanted to do was making mum walk needlessly, so I ran around a bit and spotted the right street by chance. Phew! Hôtel Cathédrale.

Our home sweet home in Strasbourg…

Right in front of the cathedral!

The room was a little on the small side and every nook and cranny around the bed was utilised for the amenities of modern hotels, such as a mini bar, a closet and etc…

Please note that this hotel may not be suitable for guests with limited mobility as the hotel entrance has a few steps and they have no lift from the ground level.

A spiral staircase to descend to the reception on the ground floor…

Apart from the slight awkwardness regarding the accessibility, the hotel was a big thumb-up for us. The room was well air-conditioned and comfortable. Despite the size, their bathroom was great. I especially love their unusually large shower-head!

Another plus point was their petit dejenuer. They provided many variety of bread, cold meat and cheese as well as a huge choice of beverage. Since Strasbourg was right next door to Germany, the hotel must have had German guests in mind who expected German-style breakfast.

Now, let’s explore Strasbourg before the day is over!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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