May (boring) Bank Holiday

‘Yay! We are on a bus!’

It is hard to tell which mode of transport, bus or tube, my girl Bella prefers. She appears to get a kick out of watching passersby from the window when she is on a bus, and she always has a long leisurely nap when she is on a tube.

Don’t get too excited, Bella!

Sadly, this bank holiday weekend was not a particularly exciting one. Poor Hubbie was snowed under with urgent projects and had to work through the whole three days except nipping out to a local pub for a Sunday roast lunch.

Hubbie’s only high point during the weekend. Tucking into a huge roast chicken at Eagle the Pub…

After a brief respite with half pint of cider, he had to go back to his PowerPoint presentation.

How about me? I’m not even invited to the feast!

Sorry, Bella. I will make sure that next weekend will be more fun and interesting for you. I promise.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bank holiday recap 3

Since Hubbie has cut out caffeine for his migraine detox, we are mainly drinking Rooibos tea with soy milk. At first, he winced (and cried) about the prospect of having to say good-bye to good old milky English tea for foreseeable future. However, once he has got used to a new diet, Rooibos tea has won over him, and he has not missed the old way at all. Even though I still drink odd mocha here and there and always start my day with normal tea, the choice of my hot drink throughout the rest of day has become Rooibos with soy milk. The best thing I have found in this tea with reddish hue is how easily I fall asleep and how well I sleep if I drink it after dinner. Sometimes, I also have pretty wacky dreams which I find fun. Last night’s dream was another crazy one in which Justin Timberlake was a sky-diving instructor and trying to teach me how to jump! I still can’t figure out why I dreamt about him because I am not his fan – I don’t dislike him but I never fancy him either, you know what I mean? Why did he pop in my head? It was so bizarre.

Anyway, our bank holiday Sunday was spent locally. Hubbie’s migraine had disappeared and the weather wasn’t too bad – cloudy but windless. ‘Shall we have late brunch at Ozone?’ The good old restaurant was open despite the bank holiday weekend, therefore, we sauntered along City Road with Bella the sometimes reluctant walker.

Well done to Bella’s short legs. We are here!

Surprisingly, the eatery was not too busy. Any normal Sunday, a queue by their till entrance can stretch out beyond the door during the peak time. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we were ushered to one of the table.

The chefs busy at work….

While Hubbie sipped green juice, I had to have my mocha moment. Sorry!

I had smoked fish cake with poached egg, and Hubbie tucked in their veggie big breakfast….

I would have given 10/10 for the dish if the fish cake was not too salty. The poached egg was a good antidote, but it was not enough. Therefore, I had to score it as 7/10.

For dessert, we ordered our favourite, Lamington!

After brunch, we headed towards east. ‘Do you fancy browsing some magazines?’

Bella having rest on the floor of Artwords Bookshop…

‘Which magazine are you going for, Bella?’

All the sudden, Hubbie declared that he needed to buy tulips. ‘I want to shoot tulips!’ Alrighty, we made a beeline to Columbia Road Market.

Lots of flowers! So beautiful, aren’t they, Bella?

Two for tenner, it was…

I wished if he bought less because the flowers took so much space!

And they had to be left in the vases until they were half-dead. It took a whole week to be in this state…

When will I get my ironing board back?

And Bella was not too concerned…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Rainy Saturday

Is it customary that the August bank holiday weekend always starts with a bad weather?
Instead of a glorious climax of the summer 2013, despondency hangs in the air. It is  like watching a funeral procession of the summer, isn’t it? Is this rain a weepy send-off for the death of summer?
Oh well, let’s pray that the weather will improve as forecasters predict…


This morning, Hubbie herded up me and Mr.B and nudged us towards the caf like a sheep dog.
Yeah, I hear you. You want your egg & toast!
I just rolled out of bed with my hair being messed up like a bird nest, therefore, I was not entirely presentable.

As we settled in their Formica table, a girl came and took our order.
‘Oh no, you cut your hair!’ She exclaimed. ‘I preferred your hair as it used to be’. Oh dear.
Apparently, she thought I could look as young as her with my old hair – She was in her early twenties, by the way.
Sporting an embarrassed smile, I dodged her further probing enquiry.
First of all, I am OLD and wouldn’t even dare to try looking as young as her.

*AHEM* Hubbie nervously cleared his throat.
He was apprehensive of my reaction to her comment. I reassured him that everyone was entitled to his/her opinion and I was ok with it.

We sipped our tea and watched endless ripples appearing in the paddle outside.

Then, our breakfast was brought out.


As we munched on our egg & toast, the sky brightened slightly and the raindrops turned smaller.
Maybe, just maybe, the summer will glance back at us tomorrow and give a huge grin in the shape of sunshine?
Oh please, don’t end the summer like this…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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