Beer garden @ Markgräflich Badischer Gasthof Schwanen

Before I start to write about our last German supper at their beer garden, let me fill you in with the history of this hotel. I still regret about not doing any homework before visiting this amazing place which resulted in me not allocating enough time to explore the hotel and its surrounding area.

Markgräflich Badischer Gasthof Schwanen was mentioned by the chronicler Franz Xaver Staiger in 1863. He recorded that the placed was called the “Gasthaus zum Schwanen” and it was built in 1665 as a monastery guesthouse of the Cistercian monastery.

Reichsprallat Anselm II Schwab, one of the abbots of the monastery Salem who was portrayed in 1749 by Gottfried Bernhard Göz in front of the Imperial Eagle…

Once upon a time, it was a monastery wine tavern and pub, and now, the place is a restaurant with a beer garden for the locals and visitors…

The beer garden was half-filled with guests who seemed to be enjoying a long summer evening with a lively conversation and glasses of beer.

Mum and I sat ourselves down at one of the tables and ordered beer…

Ahhh, how much we loved German beer! They were well chilled and rich without being too bitter. A perfect accompaniment to alfresco dining.

The menu was brought by a waitress who spoke very limited English and their menu was described in German only. Hmm, what should we do? We looked around and found two diners nearby who were eating something looked tempting. ‘Let’s try what they have!’ I pointed at their table and gestured to the waitress. She, in turn, nodded and disappeared into the kitchen.

While mum and I waited for our food, we sipped our beer and reminisced about our road trip. ‘Can you believe this beer garden is the last German beer garden of our holiday?’ We couldn’t help getting sentimental.

Then, the foods were brought to our table…

Mum had “Gebratene Schweinefilletmedaillons an Pfefferrahmsoße mit Eierspätzle und einum gemischten Salatteller” – fried pork fillet medallions with pepper cream sauce with egg tender pasta and mixed salad dish. She wanted spätzle because there would be nothing like it in Japan.
My last German supper was “Maishähnchenbrust an Rosmarinrahmsoße mit Basmatireis und einum gemischten Salatteller” – corned chicken breast with rosemary cream sauce with basmati rice and mixed salad dish. I hadn’t had rice for a long time, therefore, I enjoyed it very much.

While we were dining, we saw more than a few cyclists riding out from the gate nearby and were very intrigued by it. Maybe we should investigate what is behind the gate after dinner, we discussed as we chewed through our food…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Pasta & pizza @ Augsburg

Where shall we have our dinner tonight? Mum and I pondered as we alighted from the tram. It was around half six and we were rather hungry. I remembered Albert the Hotelier gave us a flyer of his beer garden, ‘Do visit my place later!’ as we were checking in. Shall we go there?

The eatery was about five minutes’ walk from the hotel and it was on top of the hill. We found two mobile canteens in the corner, one was serving drinks and another one was for food. We were a bit taken aback by the sight of the place because we were expecting a building and a terrace. Instead, it was like a picnic area with wooden benches under the trees.

Eww, I don’t fancy it, I shook my head as we studied their menu. They were more like bar foods – burgers, chips, hot dogs, etc. Mum wasn’t keen on them either.

‘Shall we go back to the city centre and have dinner there?’ Since we had more than enough tram tickets to use up, it was silly not to.

There were many restaurants around Rathausplatz, and we decided to eat at Aposto, an Italian restaurant.

Mum was very happy to put her hands around a beer mug…

She opted for a pizza with ham, rocket, mozzarella with tomato sauce.

I fancied pasta…

Linguine with goat’s cheese, Italian ham, red onion and cherry tomato.

The meal was a welcome change from sausage and potato. Even though I did like German food, I missed something lighter time to time.

The square seemed to be a crowd magnet, we noticed it as we headed to a tram stop.

Apart from the people enjoying al fresco dining under the parasols provided by the restaurants and bars, the square was dotted with groups, sitting cross-legged and sipping beers…

Most of them looked like students. They seemed to be enjoying a mellow summer evening with their friends.

Let’s go back and have some rest because we are visiting a highlight of our road trip, Füssen…

Apparently, poor mum didn’t sleep very well that night. She recounted to me next morning that she tried to open a bathroom window after I fell asleep. Unfortunately, the window had a very fancy hi-tech hinge which allowed the window to open in multiple angles, and mum, who didn’t know how it worked, thought she broke the window! She was worried all night how she was going to explain about the incident to the hotel…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Beer garden at Alter Kranen

Beer, ice cold beer, that is what we want! Mum and I strongly agreed while fanning our sweaty faces with folded maps given at the hotel early on. But where? Where can we get our hands on chilled long glasses of German beer? We looked around but only to find a beer garden next to Alte Mainbrücke almost brimful with customers.

I remembered that a receptionist who handled our check-in recommended a beer garden on Mainkai. ‘Shall we try there, mum?’

We walked along Kännergasse because the street was in the shade therefore it was cooler.

Alter Kranen was a German restaurant with a large terrace overlooking Main River. We decided to sit in the terraced area as the breeze travelling over the river was pleasant and cooling.

Even though it was only six o’clock, the place was very busy with people not only drinking but also eating hearty meals…

Mum looked so happy to have her beer!

Prost, mum!

The beer tasted so good after a long sweaty walk. We earned it, didn’t we? We nodded in agreement.

For dinner, we decided to share a platter instead of ordering two main dishes as we were not too hungry.

We opted for Brotzeitbrettle…

Supper time board: cheese cream, Emmemtaler cheese, sausages, farmhouse ham, Camembert cheese, tomatos, pickles and onion rings. The platter was accompanied by a basket of farmhouse bread. They went very well with our beer.

Oh boy, visiting a local beer garden is becoming our new routine! Mum and I both shared a good conspiratorial giggle…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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