Bonsai Blues

Well, well, well, what am I gonna do with a pot of bonsai? I shook my head as I placed the offending object on a foot stall by the door. Guess who sent it to me as a birthday prezzie? My father-in-law! Why bonsai? WHY??

David, my father-in-law, has the annoying habit of sending unwanted gifts. I suspect he tends to overthink when it comes to choosing presents, and as a result, Hubbie and I end up receiving gifts which are totally out of sync. Why can he not give me what I want?! I would rather have a shopping voucher than a bonsai! I may sounds bratty but his idea of what makes a personal gift exciting and clever has never seen eye to eye with mine, and I am increasingly getting annoyed. Every year, Hubbie tries his best to communicate with him about the issue, suggesting him boring gifts such as a voucher or a box of chocolate will be more appropriate. Then, the day arrives with yet another wacky unwanted gift, we both have to throw our hands up in the air. What is wrong with him?!

We always give him what he wants at his birthday and Christmas. Like a vintage Scottish whisky, a case of vintage wine, a voucher for a flight simulator at British Airways, etc, etc…

What is this? Is it my new toy? Is it edible?

Bella seems to be the only one who is interested in the bonsai. Sorry bonsai, but you will have to be taken to Hubbie’s office because I can’t stand looking at you!

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