Exploring Strasbourg

When we took Petit Train Touristique de Strasbourg during the previous visit, it took us towards southwest and went around the old city centre clockwise…

The tour showed us all the musts of historic area of Strasbourg, and it also gave us a comprehensive overview of the city. However, the route did not include the area north of Place Gutenberg, and we wanted to explore what they offered there.

We felt a little peckish, so we bought some pastries at local boulangerie, an almond croissant for mum and a brioche for me, and munched on them as we sauntered along Rue des Grandes Arcades. Unlike small side streets around the cathedral, Rue des Grandes Arcades was wide and lined with major high street stores, such as Mango, Adidas, Promod, Levi’s store, etc. Because it was Saturday, there were numerous clusters of people, the locals and the tourists alike, milling around and moving slowly on the pedestrianized grand thoroughfare.

‘Mmm, it’s a bit boring, isn’t it?’, mum and I agreed.

Nowadays, all the high streets in the major cities seemed to sport all the same cookie-cutter façades. It wouldn’t matter where we went, we would end up running into those ubiquitous corporate giant brands. Oh, how depressing.

We just carried on walking along the street and arrived at Place Kléber. The sun was beating down brightly, and it was becoming scorching hot…

I wanted to sit mum down for a break but there was no bench available in the shade.

At the northwest end of the square, we saw a few police cars…

The policemen appeared to be there to keep their eyes on things around the square and to give assurance to the general public.

Then on our right, we saw a tram station.

Hey, shall we hitch a ride on a tram?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura


That pair of crystal embellished fingerless gloves by Karl Lagerfeld I bought through Net-A-Porter, it turned out not that dazzling after all but more like a huge disappointment.
I wore them once when I went out to join the aforementioned event at Siren Gallery and upon my return home, I noticed one of the crystals was already coming off! After a mere few hours wear, how could this happen!


After a close examination, I discovered in horror that the crystal in concern was stuck to the leather with just double-sided tape!!


No craws nor stitching are securing them on the gloves!  How cheaply they have been manufactured, I am appalled.
By buying big name designer brands from reputable retailers, I used to feel like giving myself some sense of security. However, this discovery not only has left me a nasty aftertaste but also disillusioned me completely.
I am disgusted and disgruntled by the way this particular designer’s brand is trying to rip off ordinary consumers like me. Gluing plastic stones on thin leather and charging £89 for that? Absolutely despicable!

I have contacted Net-A-Porter already and the gloves are going back to them for a full refund…


Anyone who reads this blog entry, please be aware of this scam. Because you are buying an expensive disappointment…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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