Too hot!

Oh my word, what a scorcher!

All the sudden, the summer had arrived in London and it took us by surprise. Bella the Hairy and I hit the park as soon as the sun was out because a good weather was never guaranteed when it came to the British weather. However, the past few days were a little too warm for Bella.

Shall I throw a ball for you?

Despite drinking water throughout the walk, she appeared a bit worse for wear.

Ok, let’s have a break in the shade…

The forecast was 26°C max – later, it turned out to be  29°C! – but I felt it was hotter than that. I wished if I came in shorts not in skinny jeans!

After the break, we pressed on…


It is probably about time Bella should have her summer haircut. I shall ask her groomer to make her more streamlined…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Where is our summer?

Today is 1st June and it’s blooming COLD! I found it so chilly this morning and ended up turning on heating. 

Now I am at Benugo, off Regent Street, and surrounded by people in not summer attire but in winter coats and scarves. I really don’t think it’s not that cold though, a woman, who is standing next to me right now, even dons a sheep skin gilet on top of her motorcycle jacket and wrapping her neck with a black pashmina for an extra measure! She looks chic but the fashion statement she is making is so wrong for this time of the year. Where is our summer?

When I hit the pavement, the heaven opened and drenched the street…

I don’t know what the heck is going on weather-wise, this year…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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