Cake break @ Zugspitzplatt

So mum and I came down from the windswept summit of Zugspitz by hopping on the cable car again.

Say hi to the climbers!


We found out that a return cogwheel train back to Eibsee had just left, therefore, there was another half hour wait for the next one. ‘Shall we have some tea & cake?’ We headed to a cafeteria.

The interior of the cafe was very Tyrolean.

Mmmm, there are so many moreish looking cakes…

I must say that the cost of food and drink up the Zugspitzplatt was rather high. I can’t remember exactly how much we paid for two cakes and two mugs of coffee but it was more than a double we paid normally in Germany. However, transporting all the supplies up the mountain didn’t come cheap and which must have reflected on the prices in the cafeteria.

It was around 11 o’clock when we queued at the till behind a group of workmen with high-visibility jackets and srturdy work boots. Unlike our tray with just coffee and cake, their trays were laden with plates of pasta and meatballs, a proper construction worker’s grub.

Our morning treat after being beaten by the wind.

Can you see how huge their cake was? And they were delicious too.

We chilled out at the cafe much longer than we first intended because their (pricy) coffee was very agreeable.

Now, we must get back to the car and travel to Salem, I urged mum. The place was 194 km away from Eibsee and the journey was expected to take four hours, therefore, we couldn’t do dilly-dally too long.

Bye bye, Zugspitzplatt.

We left the cafe and headed to the cogwheel terminal…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bank holiday recap 2

‘Give me an hour or so. I’ll come with you.’ Hubbie mumbled under his duvet with his eyes half-opened. I just told him that Bella and I were leaving shortly to Broadway Market to say hi to Heza who had a weekly stall there. ‘No, you aren’t coming with us today. You are staying at home to get rid of the migraine.’ It may sounded rather heartless, but who would want a zombie to tag along with you? I wouldn’t. Besides, a nine months old puppy with boundless energy like Bella would naturally bark and run around all day long, and which would make his headache worse. So I justified myself going out with her, leaving Hubbie wrapped up in his duvet.

The market was pretty busy with locals and tourists. It was not very warm but not too windy, and people were sampling street foods and sipping drinks from papercups….

I found Heza at his usual spot, and we chatted for a while. After agreeing to meet up on Friday for a proper catch-up, Bella and I headed to Mare Street to board on a 55 bus. I was concerned about her behaviour during the previous day’s car journey and wanted to make sure she was still happy to travel by bus.

Well, my concern was unfound…

She was happy as punch on her favourite seat!

Look, those petals are beautiful, aren’t they?

She was so chilled out and a completely different girl from the previous day.

I sometimes hold her on my lap during our bus journeys too. Therefore, her distress of last Friday was not related to being held in arms. Why? What was the difference? I was truly puzzled.

We got off at Wardour Street and walked to GAIL’s Bakery, my favourite cafe. I ordered a ham & cheese croissant with mocha and sat at the table on the side street…

Ohhh, I haven’t had this combo for quite a while… Every now and then, there is a moment I just want to eat carb and processed meat with normal coffee even though I also enjoy Hubbie’s detox menu.

On our way home, Bella met a friendly whippet…

Bella was saying to him, ‘You made my day!’

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

The Society Club

The Society Club is another doggie friendly venue in Soho. They are found on Ingestre Place, a quiet street tucked behind lively Berwick Street and Broadwick Street…

They are a rare and out-of-print bookshop…

However, they also offer tea and coffee during the daytime and cocktails in the evening….

Tables and chairs are dotted around this small but airy space, and the customers are free to leaf through the books on the shelves.

We sat ourselves down around one of the table in the corner and ordered a pot of English Breakfast tea. I was delighted to find a book about the British wartime films as I was a big fun of old black & white films made by the Rank Organization. Hubbie and I had an impromptu game of who could name more famous British war films while we sipped our tea.
‘In which we serve?’ ‘Cruel Sea?’ ‘Sailor of the King?’ ‘Desert Rats?’ ‘The Man Who Never Was?’ ‘Sink the Bismarck?’ ‘Dunkirk?’ ‘Mrs.Minibar?’ ‘Battle of Britain?’ ‘Decision before Dawn?’ ‘A Canterbury Tale?’ ‘Reach for the Sky?’ ‘We dive at Dawn?’ etc, etc…

Again, Bella was a very good girl. She sat on a cushion and was chilled…

Guess how much this paperback copy of The Naked Civil Servant by Quentin Crisp’s was?

The book was autographed by Mr.Crisp himself, and it was £95.

After enjoying a quiet break at the shop, we headed home via Berwick Street.

The street was a little windy and Bella hated it…

‘I am not moving until the wind stops blowing into my face!’ She insisted.

A street market on Berwick Street was a quieter affair in the weekend. There were only a handful of stalls opened and one of them was a used bookshop.

It is always delightful to find a secondhand book stall on the street…

Because you never know what gem or bargain may be waiting for you. I found mine in the shape of “Los Angeles – The architecture of four ecologies” by Reyner Banham…

I remember reading it when I was a student at UCL. After all these years, we met again. ‘Can you buy this for me?’ I handed the book to Hubbie. When we got home, I found a postcard placed between the pages of the book…

As the spring approaches, and we spend more time out on the street, the odds of finding serendipity in all shapes and sizes will increase. I am so looking forward to it! Aren’t you?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Case to be considered

Oh bliss! I took a sip of mocha at Paper & Cup and let out a sigh of satisfaction, feeling happy and content. The first sip always tastes the best, doesn’t it? I’m also treating myself with a slice of gluten-free chocolate and walnut cake. Ahhh, I’m in seventh heaven…

Where is my cake?

I am ignoring Bella’s accusing stare.

The recent weather in London up until today has been absolutely impeccable. It is so warm and springlike, a kind of weather, which pulls you out of a chair and propels you on to the street. But who knows how long this meteorological pleasantness lasts? The British weather is well known for its unpredictability. Therefore, I put a lead on Bella’s collar and hit the pavement so I wouldn’t regret for not making the best out of the sunshine even if it rained the next day.

Shall we walk towards Shoreditch High Street?

There was a hint of chill in the air every time the wind blew. The weather forecasters must be right about the change in the weather system. They predicted this weekend’s weather wouldn’t be as nice as the past few days.

The spring blossoms of St Leonard Church…

I hope this spring won’t be as wet as last year’s. Wasn’t it the wettest and coldest in the recent history or something?

While I was flicking through the pages of the latest ES magazine, I came across a column by Laura Craik…

She was on about the latest trends in designer phone cases, and I was very much intrigued as I had placed my order for a designer iPhone case through LUISAVIAROMA recently. Before switching my iPhone 6 to 7, my old case was by Givenchy, the one with an angry Rottweiler.  I would be happy to carry on using the same case with my new phone, but the camera position on the latest handset was different from the old one. Therefore I had to ditch the Givenchy one and find a replacement.

So which phone case do I want? There are so many on the market. I thought about it for quite a while. Then I decided that I wanted a case with the rainbow.

You know the poem about Rainbow Bridge?

I wanted a phone case, which would be by my side all the time, to remind me about Mr.B and Rainbow Bridge. Looking at the case time to time would comfort me when I became sad thinking about his absence, I reasoned.

So this is the case I ordered…

A case by Marc Jacobs. The case has liquid glitter which moves over the rainbow. The sparkly glitter is Mr.B’s beautiful soul, floating in the air. Oh, how I miss him…

The estimated delivery date is 30th March. And I can hardly wait!

Hubbie may frown upon me spending £80 on a mere plastic phone case because he is a design purist and doesn’t see any point in masking his iPhone plus’ beautiful piano-black with a case. However, I want him to know that there are even more expensive ones on sale! Like the one by Louis Vuitton which is £210, or the one with crystal embellishment by Dolce & Gabbana which is £475. As Laura has pointed out in her column, the sum which is spent on a phone case may be justified as a mobile phone is the one gadget which is never far away from one’s hand 24/7. I would rather have my phone protected by a case in my favourite design than any practical but ugly one.

Having said that, I have concern about the case by Dolce & Gabbana. Are those crystals attached to the leather robust enough to withstand daily knocks and bumps? The case goes though a lot, like in and out of a bag, being dropped onto the floor, etc…. I am voicing the issue because I have had a bad experience with Karl Lagerfeld’s crystal embellished gloves in the past. One of the crystals fell off after just a few hours of wearing them. To my horror and indignation, I discovered the crystals were secured by glue only. No wonder it came off! I sent the pair back to NET-A-PORTER with a very very angry note.

After finishing an afternoon treat, we headed home…

Let’s go home, Bella. I have a kabocha squash to cook in the fridge!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Discord In The Omelette…

Three eggs omelette and salad at Shepherdess the greasy spoon is one of my weekend staples.
My No.1 favourite filling is cheese and eight out of ten times, I order the omelette and eat it with brown sauce.
By the way, my Hubbie is truly a creature of habit when it comes to ordering his breakfast / brunch / lunch at the Shepherdess. ‘Two fried eggs on two brown toasts and some cooked tomato, please!’ Sometimes, a waitress with a small pad and a pen in her hands asks him if he wants the usual so he doesn’t have to recite what should be on his plate. ‘Isn’t variety a spice of life?’ I tease him every time but he never heeds my suggestion.

Mmmm…, I fancy other than cheese in my omelette, I thought one Saturday morning as my index finger scrolled down the menu. Then, my wandering eye locked on the word “Greek Omelette”. Being intrigued, I asked a passing waitress, ‘What is Greek Omelette like?’ She replied it had olives and feta cheese filling. Sounded interesting so I gave it a try…


How did I find it?
Meh, it was not as great as I expected. The flavour of the chopped olives in the omelette was a little too overpowering and the tanginess of the brine in where the olives were kept was very present in the egg mixture which I found a bit off-putting.
However, all was not lost for this dish. I found an omelette with morsels of feta cheese was quite a winning combination. The sharpness of feta cheese was softened by the egg and the saltiness added by it made the omelette enjoyable to eat without any additional sauce or seasonings.
‘I shall order it without olives next time!’ I declared cheerfully as my fork excavated olives which were embedded in the omelette. Hubbie, our in-house food conservative, looked at my plate warily and said ‘I knew it wouldn’t be good’.
Well, I would rather choose to be daring than a food bore (like him). Life is too short to be timid, don’t you agree?

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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