What a bitch!

The year 2016 must be one of the cruelest years! Truly, I have developed the fear of checking BBC’s news feed because everything I hear is all sad and depressing. The death of George Michael was bad enough, but now Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds were also taken away from us! I am so desperately sorry for Carrie’s daughter, Billie, and hoping that she is receiving enough supports from her family, relative and friends so she can get through this darkest period of her life. 

You, 2016, stop punching me too hard and too many! I can’t take them any more. Apart from my Bella’s birth, there haven’t been many happy news in 2016, have there?

Let’s pray for Debbie and Carrie. And Billie, I never met you in person but I really feel for you. Wish if I can give you a big hug to make you feel better…


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