The Classic Car Boot Sale

‘I must, must, MUST visit the car boot sale today!’, I insisted. The event I was talking about to Hubbie was not an ordinary weekend bric-a-brac sale but The Classic Car Boot Sale, the most grand, entertaining and spectacular vintage and collectables market I had ever been!

So here we are, at Granary Square behind Kings Cross…

The entree fee was £5.00, more expensive than a normal £1, per person and it was well worth the money. As the name suggested, it was a car boot sale. However, the main attraction was these classic cars displayed all over the venue…

Aren’t they beautiful? Those cars were free from modern injection-moulding plastic but crammed full of immaculately polished handcrafted chrome and walnut. All passers by, including us, were drooling over their shiny body works and lovingly restored interiors.

Another attraction of the event was their well-selected vintage stalls.

Cute tea cups…

Pin cushions looked like cupcakes! Even Bella the Tomboy was very attracted to them…

Picnic paraphernalia for this coming summer?

I always loved men’s vintage clothing even though they were way too large for me…

Hubbie was pondering about the khaki green nylon bag for a while. I thought it could be good for his camera and lenses as the interior of the bag was well padded and had two generously-sized pockets. A man who was manning the stall explained to us that the bag was a real ex-helmet carrier used my an airforce pilot. In the end, he decided not to buy as the bag was not quite large enough for all what he wanted to carry.

There were also lots of toys and memorabilias which made us squeal with delight…

Apparently, Hubbie owned one of those Action Man Sportsman dolls. A doll with full of nylon hair! Unlike plastic hair like Ken!! Cool 😉

Retro-inspired signs made with timber…

A railway sign…

Vintage road signs. They would look great on the wall, don’t you agree?

Vinyls were attracting quite a few serious shoppers…

It was fun to explore hidden treasures and gems….

and also watching stylish vendors and customers in period clothings…

I was drawn to these wooden steps. Aren’t they sweet?

I thought about buying it for our library. However, Hubbie pointed out that it would be far too low for the purpose, and I had to give up the idea reluctantly.

Bella was not interested in shopping…

However, she met loads of furry friends which made her a very happy dog.


Mr.Brown was not that into her. Still his response made her satisfied.


It was great to see Bella was enjoying the event as much as we were.

There was a very odd find amongst heaps of the unique vintage items.

The ladybird Book of The Mid-life Crisis? Is this for real?!

I couldn’t help picking up the book in my hands and flicked it through. Yes, it was for real, and the content was rather depressing. No, I am not taking you home with me, I shook my head and put it back to the box.

Outside of the enclosure in Granary Square was as fun as the inside.

The area was dotted with interesting objects and exhibits.

How about perfect Instagram posts with life-size timber cutouts…

Or marvelling at retro-futuristic cars/motorcycles? How does this one run? I couldn’t figure out. Could you?

Bella the Marmaid loved playing with the mini-fountains…

‘Let’s find some tea & cake!’ We entered the area which was designated for food and drink.

BBQ, Mac n cheese, steak sandwich… Not very migraine detox friendly, we sighed. Then, we spotted a van selling tea and crumpets!

Even though they had no caffeine free beverage, the tea they brew properly in pots looked delicious, therefore, Hubbie had his first normal tea in nearly two months.

Crumpet with butter and raspberry jam!

Ahhh, it tasted fabulous and the tea was divine. The best cuppa I had in a long time.

All in all, we had a great time at the event. And we will definitely be back for another one in future.

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

The Classic Car Boot Sale @ South Bank

There is a moment in life when one makes a decision in a flash and later gets rewarded for boldness.
And one such split-second moment did arrive upon me yesterday. As a matter of routine in any idle weekend morning, I was scrolling through my reading list in WordPress and came across an entry by one of my favourite UK bloggers.

The blog, MasonBentleyStyle, is the one I follow ardently because of her impeccably chic yet refreshingly eclectic pair of eyes which extracts loveliness from the vast global fashion terrain. Every entry is laced with her magical elixir which reignites a passion in any fashion cynic’s heart. I read her posts like a driver following road signs on country lanes with a full of expectation, looking for a charming scenery at the next bend.
When I read the latest post in which she mentioned about the Classic Car Boot Sale at South Bank and her intention of visiting the event, I naturally left a comment thanking for offering me a great suggestion for the weekend. Then, Madam Bentley not only replied but also invited me to join her there! OMG, is this really happening?! While my head was still blank with a flash-bulb white hue, my fingers were typing “Yes!” After returning my reply, a mishmash of excitement and apprehension dawned on me. Am I going to see Madam Bentley in the flesh? What happens if she doesn’t like me?! It was like getting ready for a first date. I was very, very nervous.

The car boot sale was held at Southbank Centre car park, therefore, I alighted the tube at Waterloo. As I got nearer to the venue, telltale signs of the event started to emerge.

It began with a vintage car with a “For Sale” sign…


Then, a couple in Teddy Boy style…


The queue to the car boot sale was long and slow-moving. However, a fleet of gleaming vintage cars from various eras helped to relieve the boredom.

Must be from WWII?



Eventually, I caught sight of the entrance. Yippee!


I was a bit awestruck with the size of the crowd already milling around the venue.
Could I rendezvous with Madam Bentley without too much trouble? I wondered…


Now then, from where should I start?
Then I remembered Hubbie’s mantra, “Never go shopping with empty stomach”. Oh yeah, I forgot my breakfast, didn’t I? I headed to the area with food stalls.

With a piece of raspberry & cream sponge and a cup of tea, I settled down nicely and savoured my late breakfast…


Next to my table, a cool looking couple was enjoying their snack…


And how about this sweet camper van cafe?


If this was not the epitome of loveliness, what else could it be…

Amongst the sea of ever increasing vintage enthusiasts, Madam Bentley and I managed to locate each other eventually…


There she was, Madam Bentley with a warm welcoming smile, wearing a red vintage swing jacket with a large gold brooch on its lapel. Her long pins were clad in a pair of blue flare jeans. I was still nervous as hell but her friendly and caring demeanour put me at ease straight away and we started to look around the market together.

We encountered a vintage petrol pump…


Hubbie might object, but I would love one in my studio.

Then, a VW camper van with a full of signs…


Heaps of model cars…


Porcelain dogs…


A bowl full of charms (?) by well-known American confectionary manufacturer…


This stall caught my eye because of its winning happy vibes…


Don’t you agree that their vibrant colours and patterns instantly energises anyone who happens to behold the sight?

And how about this super cute rain coat?


A magic mac to turn any child’s rainy day to a perfect pit-a-pat in the puddle occasion. I didn’t have a mac myself but had such magic willies once to make up my rainy days to school.

The atmosphere in general was merry and light-hearted.
The sellers were friendly and their advice was just and informative…


Madam Bentley tried on the hat in the picture and she looked great in it.

Being a classic car boot sale, the venue was dotted with gorgeous classic cars in mint condition…


Look at their lustful gaze.
Even though I was not into cars at all, I could see irresistible charm of vintage cars…


Their sensuous curves, solid parts free from plastic and carbon composite, mahogany steering wheels, front grills shine like mirror, etc. The embodiment of glamour and luxury.

How about these adorable one-seater? I couldn’t believe that we once had something as delightful as them on the road. They just look very hands-on, don’t they?


I was certain that those guys,who were circling around the cars and clicking away with their cameras or phones, must have been secretly wishing if they could drive away in them right then.

Another thing Madam Bentley and I were hugely entertained at the event was by those people who made an effort to dress the part.

Two gentlemen, discussing a state of vintage fashion in the modern Britain?


A Mod rider with his super shiny Vespa…


Feisty roller girls, distributing flyers and enjoying a girly chit chat…


An “out-of-period drama” lookin’ couple enjoying a picnic in very civilised manner…


Damn, I should have worn my top hat and tail coat! At least, I could pretend to be Fred Astaire (minus tap-dancing) and join their tea.

In the middle of the venue, there was an area dedicated to “up-cycling”.
Artists and designers in this section were exhibiting their labours of love which were derived from the remnants of bygone time.
One artist’s work, Ameria Parker: London’s History Recycled, was especially original. She creates jewellery and fashion accessories with spent clay pipe fragments which she salvages from the River Thames. And some fragments could be as old as the 16th Century!


Her jewellery resembled native American Indian craft. However, every piece of her work was genuinely related to someone who lived through Tudor, Elizabethan or Jacobean time…


How do you feel about wearing the real piece of history around your neck or wrist?

Around 4pm, we decided to leave the car boot sale for tea & cake in somewhere quieter.
We walked over Hungerford Bridge towards Embankment…


A view from the bridge towards the Palace of Westminster…


We wholeheartedly agreed how much we cherished the view.

Then, tea & cake at the Corinthia. A world apart from the hustle & bustle of South Bank…


I apologise for not having any photo of our late afternoon treat to show. We were too busy with chatting and munching on our cakes!

I was really glad to meet Madam Bentley and would love to nurture our friendship.
Kate, thank you very much for inviting me out. See you again soon. X

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Throwing in the towel (temporarily)…

How annoying that I can no longer ignore my left wrist ache!
Even though I use both hands for knitting, I am a right-hander.
Therefore, my left hand is less robust than my right and more prone to an injury…


Ohhhh, I would love to carry on!
However, I have to give it a rest until I feel no twinge of pain. So frustrating…

Anyway, my prayer was answered and the weather has improved!


A quiet cityscape shimmering in the late afternoon sun…

Even though it was a public holiday today, perpetually busy Hubbie had to attend yet another emergency meeting at work.
Is there any day in advertising when things go without a hitch or crisis?
In order to compensate for his partial absence from my side, he suggested that we could meet up at the office and go out for dinner.
The sunshine was too beautiful to miss by travelling on underground. So, I set off on foot.
Hmmm… London is such a lovely place to walk & explore.
I came across this groovy car on Mount Pleasant…




I am not a classic car enthusiast. However, I loved the look of this car.
It is a vintage Chevrolet, isn’t it?
A cool motor, indeed.

Then, I noticed a pigeon with a ‘tick mark’ sauntering ahead of me…


This is a definite tick (✓)!


The pigeon wasn’t particularly cooperative for the photo opportunity.
It didn’t like to be papped at all…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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