I grabbed my iPhone and pleaded to Hubbie if we could have fish & chips tonight.

The craving kicked off when I was replying to my fellow blogger Agnes Ashe‘s comment in which she shared her memories of fish & chips in Aldeburgh.

Once Hubbie was home, I frogmarched him to his Mac and he duly ordered fish & chips to our local chippies through Deliveroo.


We both rubbed hands with glee.

They were massive.

I was munching on enthusiastically at first but soon, I hit the wall. The serving was too large. 

Hubbie glanced at me and sighed, ‘You barely made a dent on them’. Often, he accuses me of being a pelican – a mouth too large for its stomach. 

In the end, I managed to eat up to the extent of half and threw in the towel.

By the way, Agnes makes beautiful hand-painted silk scarves. Please take a look because they are divine!

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