Manga Dog Signs @ Nagano

When I take Mr.B out to spend his pennies, apart from Mr.B himself & house keys, the most important item is a couple of sheets of kitchen rolls so I can clean up after Mr.B has done his No.2. Sadly, some dog owners in my neighbourhood have less respect to their fellow street users and ignore the mess their furry companions leave behind.

Japan is well-known for general cleanliness in pubic spaces such as town squares and parks. Despite seemingly nonexistent of street sweepers, the whole county appears to be litter free at first glance.
Are all the Japanese so public-spirited and therefore do their up most to keep the space spotless?
Regrettably, some of them are as irresponsible as antisocial dog walkers in my neck of the woods and deposit unwelcome souvenir on their trail.

Those signs I encountered during my daily walk in Nagano are all about encouraging dog walkers to pick up dog mess.

“Clean up your mess!”…


It says “Your pet is a witness to your behaviour”.

This one says “Dog’s mess has to be dealt with!”…


“Your good behaviour keeps our town clean”.

This one pleads “Please don’t leave it behind!”…


“Let’s be a responsible dog owner and pick up your dog’s poo. Be careful not to harm public health”.

This sign with an embarrassed dog and his smiley owner says “Let’s take away your dog’s mess home”…


“Let’s keep our town clean”.
The sign was posted every 30m along the way, which implied the route had a history of being abused by careless dog walkers. The irritated residents must have lobbied to the local authorities and that was why the signs were installed.

How can anyone feel good about littering one’s own neighbourhood?! Treading on a dog mess definitely ruins anyone’s day. It happened on me once and it was horrible.

It’s nearly the time to take Mr.B out and I shan’t forget paper towels for sure…

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