J’aime l’autoroute fran├žaise!

We checked out of our hotel at Reims around 10:00 and headed towards our final destination, Calais. The city was 274km away and A26 would take us there.

I must say, driving on the French motorway was a pleasure…

You see what I mean?

Especially, the landscape around Arras, was very flat and open. The scenery may have lacked the grandeur of the Alpine region with the rugged peaks and winding roads, but I preferred the calm and predictable vista on A26 after the continuous driving of the past nine days.

There was just a blue sky and golden crop fields on the both sides of the motorway…

Another thing I liked more about driving on the French motorway than on the German equivalent, was there was hardly no bullies behind their high-powered wheels. I really was fed up with those German drivers who tailgated my car and pressurised me to move to a slower lane despite my speed was nearly 90mph while we were in Bavaria.

The French autoroute was all calm and civilised…

As we got closer to Calais, we started to see more cars with the British number plates. ‘What shall we do at Calais?’ We would have more than six hours to kill before boarding a train home…

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

Bavarian getaway

Before Bella managed to drench her face and paws at the Royal Academy, we visited Waterstones to buy some maps last Sunday.

I was planning a European holiday with my mom sometime this June, and needed large paper maps so I could plot possible route by car.

They will do, Bella.

Yes, I will be driving to Bavaria!

Don’t you worry because I am a seasoned long-distance driver. Enough mileage was clocked up while I was driving for away games, from London to Newcastle, Sheffield, Cardiff and so on. I also took Mr.B and mom as my passengers to Brittany and Paris in the past.

I want to show my mom Romantic Road and Garmisch-Partenkirchen as they are my late father’s favourite places…

I love to see the sceneries which my dad was so impressed and talked about countless times. Mom and I agree that we want to see what he saw so we can feel him closer.

Now, I haven’t decided if I should take Bella with us or not…

All depends on if Hubbie will be coming with us or not. I must start more detailed planning, however, there are still too many “if”s!

Kaori by Kaori Okumura

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